Star Wars #1

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#51 Posted by DrF8 (3309 posts) - - Show Bio

I really want to feel excited. I can't.

But with Marvel taking the rights to SW CB from Dark Horse, it just feels...wrong?

Dark Horse was great with their Star Wars comics. They were making really original stories. Marvel bought it and they make the stories only about the characters that will apear in their movies and make them look exactly like the movie counterparts.

Obviously i'll give them a chance and buy some of these books, or at least try to.

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#52 Posted by Owie (7248 posts) - - Show Bio

I was kind of unimpressed. Maybe it's just because I'm less interested the in original trilogy era, when it comes to comics etc. I kind of feel like the prequel movies weren't as good, but they're an easier era to fit other stories into. It might just be because the actors from the OT are so recognizable that seeing them drawn in comics just looks weird. Whereas in the Clone Wars show, for example, they made a clear decision to stylize them and avoid that problem. The first arc of the X-Fils comic did that job well, of drawing the characters so they look recognizable, but not so much that it looks like a drawing of a photo, there was artistic license to it. Here, it looks kind of stiff. Honestly looking at the previews of the other issues, none of their art looks all that great--not just in terms of the characters' faces, but overall. It seems surprising considering the artistic resources Marvel has.

All that complaining aside, the scene with Vader was pretty sweet.

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#53 Posted by illmatic4177 (429 posts) - - Show Bio

This issue was a lot of fun.

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#54 Posted by mak13131313 (1601 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved everything about this book!

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#55 Posted by comicvine_is_jericho529 (284 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought i wasn't going to like this,..and this is exactly what i wanted in a star wars comic. fun, campy, just like the original starwars!

I cannot wait to see what Waid does with leia and gillen does with Vader

im on board!

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#56 Posted by Erkan12 (9497 posts) - - Show Bio

Not bad.

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#57 Posted by StarBrand1 (661 posts) - - Show Bio

picked it up on a whim, and im glad i did. It was one of those last second grabs for me. I got me hyped up, much more than that awful teaser for the movie that they released.

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#58 Posted by derf_jenkins (757 posts) - - Show Bio

My trust in Jason Aaron is why I'm on board with this.

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#59 Posted by phocracker (229 posts) - - Show Bio
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#60 Posted by joshrocker (47 posts) - - Show Bio

@g_man said:

@joshrocker: Well over thirty pages of actual pages. I mentioned it above. So if people compare that to your typical twenty page comic...

It was a good issue and I didn't mind the extra one time dollar. Thanks for doing the math. After I got my hands on the issue there was less content than I thought there would be for a 48 page book. Counting the previews was especially cheap but like I said, it was a good issue and i'll keep pulling it (unless they raise the price above $3.99). Heck, it even convinced me to pull Darth Vader also which I was originally going to trade wait.

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#61 Posted by _Marc_74 (213 posts) - - Show Bio

@xwraith: agree, the art and style just seems naff

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#62 Posted by Teerack (10703 posts) - - Show Bio

1.5/5 for me. The art, the dialog, and the story were all just super underwhelming and bored line bad. I'm just crossing my fingers this isn't a good representation of what we can expect from the new extended universe.

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