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The first new Jedi of the new canon and one of the best new canon characters in general. Kanan has proven himself to be a truly remarkable and capable Jedi Knight with many feats that surpass even Jedi Masters. He is a rather accomplished duelist, has gathered a decent amount of wisdom and has shown to develop a very strong connection to the force.

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He was skilled in lightsaber combat even at a young age

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Kanan was awakened and defeated the Grand Inquisitor after overcoming his fear.

Kanan is awakened in the Force and defeats his enemy by defeating his greatest fear.

-- http://www.starwars.com/news/rebels-revisited-5-essential-kanan-jarrus-episodes

After losing his Eyesight Kanan was forced to rely on the force more deeply than ever before.

Under the guidance of the mysterious Bendu, Kanan was forced to rely on the Force more deeply than ever before.

-- http://www.starwars.com/news/rebels-revisited-5-essential-kanan-jarrus-episodes

Arguably at the Pinnacle of his skills in Season 3

Though he is arguably at the pinnacle of his skills,

-- http://www.starwars.com/news/rebels-revisited-5-essential-kanan-jarrus-episodes

Kanan achieves a permanent balance after training with the Bendu.

And his sight returns. Stronger. Clearer. Different. Kanan attains a balance in this episode that never again leaves him

-- http://www.starwars.com/news/rebels-revisited-5-essential-kanan-jarrus-episodes

Enhanced Physicals

Kanan like all jedi can perform physical feats greater than humanly possible.

Kanan has enhanced jumps.

Without thinking, he leapt.

Leapt, as he hadn’t in nearly a decade, farther than any mortal normally could.

- Star Wars: A New Dawn

He was able to jump across a giant chasm.

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He sees the world in slow motion

Time stopped for Kanan than started again, slowly.

- Star Wars: A New Dawn

Blitzes Stormtroopers

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Kanan demonstrates high levels of agility as a padawan

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Kanan has also reacted to numerous blaster bolts.

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Kanan creates after images with his lightsaber.

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Deflects Fire from a Platoon of Stormtroopers

"Standing in the middle of the battlefield, with a hundred blasters pointed at him, Kanan opened himself fully to the Force.

He expected it to flood through him like a dam being released, as it had been a long time since he had completely freed himself to its light. He felt nothing of the kind. Instead, his heart calmed and his mind eased. The relief that came was subtle, subdued, like a gentle breeze that cooled on a hot day. A touch, a whisper, a sense of peace. He began to relax.

A web appeared before him, invisible but perceptible, linking all the beings on the battlefield to him, his life, his actions, his...destiny. Future and past events came to him in glimpses and sensations, none he understood, other than that he played a part in them-if he wanted. He could just as easily walk away and refuse.

The Masters at the Temple had often lectured about accepting your destiny. To Kanan, destiny had seemed a fixed matter. Its very nature implied that your future was defined, that you were a puppet acting out choices that had already been made for you. Yet upon seeing the web, how it moved and twirled and spun based on an infinite array of actions, Kanan realized he'd been wrong. Destiny wasn't a fixed matter. Destiny was a choice, a confidence, a belief. Perhaps all the Masters had meant was that by accepting your destiny you accepted yourself.

His friends on the Ghost had accepted themselves, while Kanan had been the one who had not. He'd hidden behind the lie that if he revealed himself, he'd put them all in grave danger. But they were already in danger, going toe-to-toe with the Empire. His friends gave their all to the fight, unafraid of what they might have to sacrifice. They needed Kanan to do the same. He couldn't fear what the Empire might do to him or them. The best way for him to protect their lives was to employ all the talents and skills at his disposal.

It was to use the Force.

Though he hadn't always been one with the Force, the Force had always been with him. He couldn't run away from it. He couldn't deny it any longer. He couldn't deny himself from himself.

Nor would the Imperial agent let him. "All troopers," Kallus said. "Focus your fire on...the Jedi."

Kanan Jarrus raised his lightsaber in salute. A Jedi he had been. A Jedi he would be.

"Whoa," gasped Ezra.

Alone in the middle of the battlefield, Kanan Jarrus ducked, dodged, and deflected the blaster storm directed at him. He seemed to know when and from where each bolt was coming, jumping in the air at the right moment, curving his body to the perfect angle, or slashing his sword just in time. More than a few troopers crumpled, recipients of shots that Kanan deflected off his blade. Without even engaging in hand-to-hand combat, this one man-this Jedi-was holding off an entire platoon of stormtroopers."

-- The Rebellion Begins.

Able to Deflect Lasers while blind. Even deflecting blasts from multiple targets at once.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Hera after her first mission with Kanan thought that he seemed able to perform even better than he had even though she also said he was in the edge of human potential.

She understood that Jedi abilities weren’t some suit of superpowered armor that someone could leave at home, or abandon in a garbage can. The Force influenced and enhanced every action of a person touched with it, whether they were conscious of it or not.

And no one but a Jedi could do the things she had seen Kanan do. The brawl in Shaketown, the escape on the hoverbus, the battle with Vidian – in each, she’d seen a man acting at the outer edge of human performance. And, in all cases, she’d somehow thought him capable of doing even more. It seemed as if he’d identified a line that he would not cross, and had stuck to it.

-Star Wars: A New Dawn

Force Abilities

Force Concealment

Kanan cut himself off from the force while he was in hiding.

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Kanan is skilled in the use of telekinesis and uses it frequently even in combat.

He stopped a giant spinning fan.

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And can use the force to disarm and throw stormtroopers

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He was able to pin the Grand Inquisitor.

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Uses a strong force push as a padawan

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Destroys a Bacta Tank and recieves his lightsaber.

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Uses the force to stop Ezra

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Kanan pushes back stormtroopers

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

With Ezra's help he deflects two Meteors

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Catches and redirects a missile

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He was powerful enough to stop a cave in.

Twisting faceup as he dropped, Kanan hit the ground. He looked up into the onrushing mass – and stopped it, with his mind.

It was an odd feeling, like putting on an old article of clothing. It was like the leap, something he had sworn never to do. Not in front of anyone, to be sure.

But now he had done it.


And then he let go. Let go with his mind, and listened as a mountain, denied, found the space where he had landed.

- Star Wars: A New Dawn

And catch a falling catwalk.

Kanan looked instead upward, waving with his hand –

– and suspending the giant catwalk in midair, centimeters from his and Hera’s heads.

She stared at it, dumbfounded – and then at him. Self-conscious, Kanan shoved at the air, pushing the levitated mass off to the side. It landed with a colossal crash.

- Star Wars: A New Dawn

Uses Force Stasis on a Stormtrooper before tossing him out of a window.

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Kanan ragdolled Thrawn's highly skilled bodyguard Rukh

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He also caught and manipulated a bridge.

Kanan was able to stop an at least building sized explosion and even temporarily hold it back and force push a ship a good distance.

Animal Control & Jedi Mind Trick

Kanan has demonstrated enough skill with a jedi mind trick to influence at least two people.

He can also manipulate animals, With the help of his padawan Ezra he was able to control a pack of Fyrnocks.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Kanan controls a pack of Animals.

Was able to resist a mind probe and a mind trick

Kanan uses the force to add urgency to his voice.

Kanan glanced up to see the Phantom hovering at the top of the tower, its rear hatch opening. Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper sprang inside. But Ezra hesitated, staring down at Kanan, until laser fire from the troop transports forced him to go through the hatch.

The Inquisitor lunged with ferocious speed. Kanan managed to duck and grabbed his comm. "Spectre-Two, get out of here!"

As he continued to dodge and block, Hera's voice crackled over his comm: "Not an option, Kanan!"

"No time-go!" he shouted, leaping away from a would-be finishing blow.

The Phantom rocked in the sky, taking hit after hit from the troop transports' cannons. Kanan couldn't fight the Inquisitor and try to persuade his crewmates to leave at the same time. Pinned against the tower, deflecting the Inquisitor's strokes, he yelled his best friend's name-"Hera!"-adding urgency through the Force.

Though the Phantom swayed in the air for a moment, Hera did as he requested. The hatch closed, and the craft turned away from the tower, braving enemy fire to shoot off into the night.

-- Battle to the End

Force Sense

Able to deflect attacks while blindfolded

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Was able to outmaneuver Maul after being blinded.

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Lightsaber Skill and Notable fights

Kanan has training in Form III, V, Jar' kai and presumably like all jedi Form I.

Towards the beginning of the show however he favored form III over all others as it was his master specialty. He wasn't very skilled in saber combat being easily bested by the sith inquisitor even with Ezra's help.

Over the course of the series he improved more and more coming closer to the inquisitor's level with each passing fight.

By their third duel he had improved enough to be noticeable to his opponent.

Finally in their fourth duel Kanan was able to defeat the Inquisitor with Jar' Kai after tapping into the force. Note he had been tortured previously.

Kanan activated the blade and lunged. The Inquisitor repelled the blow, and they began to duel once again. Adrenaline surged through Kanan's muscles, pulling him away from exhaustion. He forgot about the pain in his body and focused on the fight.

--Battle to the End

Kanan was able to save Ezra from Darth Vader and Survived the encounter himself. (It should be noted Vader was most likely holding back.)

Kanan is able to fight the 7th Sister

Kanan was able to out duel the 8th Brother and critically damage his lightsaber which ultimately led to his death.

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Kills a Kage warrior and Separatist colonel as a child

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Other Skills and Abilities

Kanan is a fair shot and pilot.

He was able to out maneuver Republic ships piloted by clone troopers.

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And as a child easily overpower the space criminal Janus Kasmir

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He was able to take out multiple thugs even aim dodging multiple blaster shots.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3


Kanan has shown to possess a remarkable ability to gain increased ability through his relationship with the force. While this is partially out of his control it is also an active choice to gain an increased confidence in the force and in his own ability. All of Kanan's moments of increased ability coincide with a moment of character development and balance.

I like to believe that you don’t use the Force. The Force uses you. We see this time and time again throughout the Star Wars saga, from Luke Skywalker allowing the Force to guide his proton torpedoes in A New Hope to Chirrut Îmwe letting the Force flow through him to take down a squad of Jedha stormtroopers in Rogue One.

In “Twilight of the Apprentice” we see it with a newly blind Kanan as he allows himself to be a vessel for the Force, which leads him to swiftly defeat Maul, a far more experienced opponent with the advantage of sight. The best of those who touch the Force allow themselves to be subject to it. Kanan Jarrus joins their ranks here.

-- http://www.starwars.com/news/rebels-revisited-5-essential-kanan-jarrus-episodes

Check out more of my respect threads here

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Didn't someone already make a Kana Jarrus respect thread? o:

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dont put this star wars rebel garbage on this site.

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@americanspeeddemon: Oh, cool. You could still use some of the durability from the Vidian fight(posted quotes in the other thread) or the fact he was in the direct blast radius of an AT-ST shot going off.

Also, further for the Ezra stuff going on. I saw this video, but what I want to talk about is the stuff near the end:


Loading Video...

The Knights of Ren. We've already seen in trailers that Ezra does eventually end up with a light-saber resembling Kylo's. We also know that he is going to be taught some of the darker ways of the force from Maul. As the video states, we also see that the Inquisitors are actually based off of unused concept art from TFA. While we recently saw Ezra force-choking the 7th Sister, it doesn't mean that he actually kills her. What if the Inquisitors are actually the base for the Knights of Ren, them being the original founders. Thoughts?

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@queen_marceline: Yeah that's one of my theories another is that Maul and Ezra create the knights of Ren. That would be epic imo. Either way though hopefully we can find out more soon.

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@americanspeeddemon: Yeah, I had that posted in a PM. I think that Maul might guide Ezra to forming the KoR as a rival to Palpy

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@queen_marceline: Yeah that would actually be pretty interesting and would allow the rebels to deal with problems that won't make Luke irrelevant.

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Well since this is the new thread for it I'll suggest this here.

You should move the ATAT feat under physicals as he sliced through the armor plated legs with little problem which would be a strength feat.

Also add in him tanking a knife to the back as a durability feat.

Oh and for notable skills you can add camouflage and concealment for when he hid from the Clone troopers after his master was killed.

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@americanspeeddemon: you could add these details to the cave in feat, which is compared to a falling mountain. It's probably hyperbole, but still, that should prove the rubble Kanan supported was pretty heavy:

And then he let go. Let go with his mind, and listened as a mountain, denied, found the space where he had landed.


"You brought a mountain down on my head!"

Credit to DarkDefender

-- Star Wars: A New Dawn.

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you should add a blind kanan stomping maul(just to piss erkan off)

and him and ezra force pushing(a distracted vader)

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No Caption Provided

Was going to post this in my debate with Muser but I probably won't get to that for a while so I thought I'd share this with the rest of the Kanan supporters.

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@americanspeeddemon: Its decent, not great but decent. It has moments of greatness though, like ahsoka vs vader. The music, the cherography, and the emotional undertones were done very well there.

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No Caption Provided

Was going to post this in my debate with Muser but I probably won't get to that for a while so I thought I'd share this with the rest of the Kanan supporters.

Where is that from? I didn't see it in the Kanan comics

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@emperorthanos: It's not from the comics I don't think. Can't remember the issue either.

Ah, I looked into it. It's from the SW: Rebels magazine, issue 1.

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You haven't added it. :>

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Here's an accolade regarding Kanan's force presence in the new Rebels trailer.

"Your presence is like a violent storm in this quiet world."

Loading Video...

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Rebels is pretty bad. Nice thread but Kanan still sucks.

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Kanan looses a force shockwave.

No Caption Provided

Kanan looses a force wave.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
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Kanan is only good to me in his comic. But Star Wars Rebels sucks, although i admit that it could be a lot worse. I tried to give it a chance twice and it just didn't work. That show is garbage compared to Clone Wars

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@hyperion_x: To each their own personally I feel the first two seasons are better then the first two seasons of clone wars. Season 3 is where clone wars started getting good and so far season 3 of rebels has been pretty good

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@americanspeeddemon: Yeah, it got better when Ashoka and Rex came in season 2 (haven't watched season 3 yet) but it's still lacking in my opinion. All of Kanan's crew are pretty boring and uninteresting except for Sabine. Even Kanan is boring to me. I don't like the animation and it seems too kiddish. Clone Wars was way more realistic and the plots were better thoughtout, defined and deeper. But it could be a lot worse like i said. But i'd still take Clone Wars anyday, no matter what season. I'll give seaon 3 a chance though

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Nice thread, but you should also add that Kanan was more amped than ever when he faced with Maul.

Freddie Prinze Jr. :''That's where Force takes over, not the Jedi. The Force takes over. Kanan vs. the Grand Inquisitor, that's Kanan releasing his fear and his attachment, and sort of being like water. This is a Force overpowering moment.''

''So for that moment between the two of them, that's a Force explosion. Kanan isn't controlling that, that's the Force dictating what's going to happen to him.''

Source : First Order Transmissions #197: Star Wars Rebels Finale Interview

And also Maul underestimated him because of his injury and made it obvious by saying that he is going to finish him quickly.

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@darthduelist9: I don't remember that. Do you have the quote or know where it is?

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Kanan was noted to have been a "disturbance in the Force" by Sidious.

"Palpatine smiled thinly. Of course he wasn’t sensing Jarrus. That particular disturbance had long since been noted, codified, and dismissed, a fact Vader knew only too well." - Thrawn: Alliances.

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So he's ESB Luke level?

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@dark-sith123: in canon i might put him somewhat above. ESB Luke and Luke in general lack feats.

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