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So, I've been thinking about how we rank some character's power level, according to a certain time frame. Like, we consider ROTS Kenobi>TCW Kenobi>AOTC Kenobi>TPM Kenobi.

What I am wondering is, what is the degree of skill and power increase? And when we claim that one character is more powerful than another, could we rank it according to percentage?

Let's use Kenobi.

AOTC is 10% more powerful than TPM.

TCW is 10 % more than AOTC.

ROTS is 5% more than TCW.

This gives an overall power increase of 25% over 13 years. Let's apply that in a real world situation.

TPM can bench 200 pounds.
AOTC can bench 220 pounds.
TCW can bench 231 pounds
ROTS can bench 242.55 pounds.

You can do the same thing with speed, and other attributes as well. This is just a general musing of mine. Basically, I'm thinking that the gap between other characters and different incarnations of themselves isn't quite as wide as we think. Thoughts?

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very interesting topic:

obi wan is a perfect example of what one can achieve by determination and hard work even without natural talent ...
of course he has to have at least some predispositions to become a jedi , but you know what i mean ...

another good example is vader (after mustafar) , he became more powerful than anakin skywalker despite his suit limitations by sheer determination and training ,
even if his potential was vastly reduced due to his severed limbs and damaged lungs ...

anakin skywalker before mustafar was like the wayne gretzky of star wars universe (in terms of talent and potential) but he was cocky , conflicted and stubborn ...

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