Do you like what Disney has done?!

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Posted by Kazuma14 (1837 posts) 11 months, 1 day ago

Poll: Do you like what Disney has done?! (41 votes)

For getting the rights? Yes! I now do. 51%
To be honest, I really don't think I do. 49%

Because I thought the seventh film was going to be a disaster when I heard about the force awakens, But come to think of it? Nah! Cause it's just like what George Lucas did with all of his movies definitely, so who is still the director? Disney or George?

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#1 Posted by Acer515 (541 posts) - - Show Bio

Rey was a total Mary Sue, the villain was an impotent brat and the disrespect for the franchise was tempered only by a fear of being original.

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#2 Posted by Kazuma14 (1837 posts) - - Show Bio

@acer515: I agree! But if I were the film's Director, I wouldn't have trust Disney at all after I've seen how Mission Marvel was in Phillies and Ferb.

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No. But I'm not a die hard Star Wars fan, so I don't care as much as they do. Rey and Finn are awful (Obnoxious PCforce Protagonist, and Unfunny "funny black guy" side-kick) and the villains are laughable (Ineffectual crybaby Vader tryhard, Obvious Palpatine expy, and Storm Trooper lady).

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#4 Posted by Helloman (7632 posts) - - Show Bio

It does not matter to me, as long as the movie is okay, which it was.

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If only The Force Awakens didn't outright rehash A New Hope I would have loved it, but as it stands, TFA is unoriginal, when we Star Wars fans say that we want to return Star Wars to it's roots, rehashing isn't want we had in mind, we were expecting an original story with elements from the original trilogy.

And if Episode 8 is just a rehash of the Empire Strikes Back storyline, I would have lost all hope and respect for Disney.

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@argonvegell: I'm on the same page as you, and Disney never should've have gotten the rights for the Marvel comics and Star Wars! & I really hate that mission marvel movie between Phillies and Ferb with the marvel super heroes crossover to be honest.

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#7 Posted by echostarlord117 (4028 posts) - - Show Bio

I've asked myself this question many times. At first, I hated the Disney acquisition as I think most die-hard Star Wars fans did. The moment I heard that Disney de-canonized everything but the movies and TCW, I thought Star Wars was doomed. However, when I really thought about it, the thing Star Wars needed the most was a nice clean up.

I mean, there was so much crap floating around in the old canon. The NJO era as a whole was pretty bad in my opinion, SWtoR kind of ruined the Old Republic era for me and many others, and there were tons of one-off characters and stories that were just dumb and contradictory. Disney took the extreme approach and got rid of all of it, which isn't quite what I think should've been done. However, I believe that there's a good chance that some of our favorite characters and stories will eventually come back. If I'm correct, Disney de-canonized everything so that they wouldn't have to worry about interfering with the old canon thus granting them total creative freedom. Characters like Revan, Naga Sadow, Darth Nihilus, and others don't seem to be causing any problems with the new canon, so maybe they might bring them back if us Star Wars fans pressure them enough. Hell, they brought Darth Bane back.

It won't ever be perfect, though. Relatively speaking, Force-users will now always be pretty weak, any Star Wars content after the films (or any content they bring back from Legends) will be "Disney-ized," if you know what I mean, things like lightsaber crystals have been or are going to be redesigned into something lamer, and the overall mystery of the Force and the Star Wars universe as a whole has been jeopardized.

That being said, it's not the end of the world. Contrary to what I once thought, I don't hate Star Wars now and even though TFA was crappy in my opinion, Rogue One, which is very far from perfect, was actually pretty decent. It showed me that Disney has the potential to do great things with Star Wars. All in all, Disney could have treated the franchise much worse. Do I wish this never happened? Yes, but it did, and it's not the end of Star Wars. Sure, the new canon already has it's fair share of stupid crap (*cough *cough Rebels *cough), but the old canon did as well. Just like then, I have my own head-canon now which will always be good to me regardless of what Disney does.

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#8 Posted by kgb725 (15144 posts) - - Show Bio
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#9 Posted by echostarlord117 (4028 posts) - - Show Bio

@kgb725: I do. One of the coolest things about Jedi and Sith are how powerful they are. Now, well, they're substantially less impressive (for the most part).

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@echostarlord117: Who are you comparing them to ? Luke was practically jedi Jesus ,sidious had the most op force move of all time ,nihilus was unstoppable for the most part , etc.

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#11 Posted by echostarlord117 (4028 posts) - - Show Bio

@kgb725: I'm comparing them to their Legends counterparts. Darth Sidious' canon version is substantially less powerful than his Legends version, for example. He doesn't know, and will never know, Force Storm, he can't move nearly as fast as he could in Legends, etc. The same is true for almost all Star Wars characters. This is why we need to specify whether or not we allow Legends feats in any given Star Wars battle, because the Legends version of a character is likely far more powerful than their canon version. Granted, power levels were a little all over the place back before Disney acquired Star Wars. One moment, Yoda can barely move a steam pipe, then in another you have Luke manipulating a black hole. Things got especially weird when you considered non-Force users. Jedi regularly move at hypersonic speeds... yet non-Force users can somehow tag them? There are somewhat reasonable explanations for such occurances, but it's clear that Star Wars fans, who were responsible for writing all of the E.U. material, had a different vision in mind than Lucas did in regards to Jedi power levels. Maybe Jedi just aren't meant to be that far above street level. It would admittedly make a lot more sense. It still sucks, though.

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@echostarlord117: Compare people like Darth Vader or Quinlan Vos to their legends selves and we see they are about even or even better. Top tiers are weaker but they have just been brought closer to the level of the rest of the verse no point in having characters who can solo hundreds and thousands of jedi and sith. Not to mention they are still very powerful just not world killers. They could math others in legends. Sids could beat a lot of legends jedi and sith with his canon feats. Also the ones were stated to be able to tear the fabric of the universe and they are canon.

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Force Awakens was bad...

Though I really liked Rogue One, and Rebels is good enough.

I want most of the old EU to be canon, though. Not the ones that contradict with Canon (Force Unleashed, Dark Empire, Thrawn Trilogy, LOTF/FOTJ, EU Quinlan Vos/Sora Bulq comics) and the like.

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Not really.

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If Rey leads a group to destroy the new super duper death star(which the empire built after their defeat and with no pressure from the rebels) Ill be pissed. It is like they fast foward 30 years and the rebels waited for the empire to become powerful enough to destroy them. If you except TFA than all our favorite heros suck. People wont admit TFA sucks until about 10 years later.

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Because there, Leia and Han have three children: Jacen, Jaina and Anakin. In new Canon, they only have one child: Ben (Kylo).

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I don't like how they made so much of the extended universe non canon.

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Not really. I mean the new movies were ok, but the rest has Hate what they're doing to the GE, Rebels has so. A few good episodes but that's it. Not really thrilled about Luke's characterization in the comics.

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#21 Edited by RabumAlal (3505 posts) - - Show Bio

Rogue One is better than all the movies except New Hope and ESB imo so I'm happy.

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