Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - Redemption » 5 issues

    Volume » Published by Dark Horse Comics. Started in 1998.

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    Timeline: 10 years after the Great Sith War.


    The Sith war was devastating in nature, turning friends against friends and enemy against enemy. Jedi turned Sith, Exar Kun, died in the Massassi temples after wreaking havoc on the Republic. His lieutenant, Ulic qel droma was blinded to the Force by Nomi Sunrider for killing his own brother Cay qel droma.

    Since that time, Ulic tried to isolate himself. A powerless Jedi, he tried to flee his past. Now Nomi Sunrider, an eminent spokesperson of the Republic, has summoned all the Jedi to Exis Station, new home of the remaining Jedi artifacts rescued from Ossus.

    But galactic meetings have no further meaning for Ulic. He hires Hoggon, a spacer to ferry him to a place where none will find him. Ulic wishes to live out the rest of his days as a hermit. Hoggon takes him to Yavin-4, unaware of Ulic's past.


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