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    Learn the fate of the ancient Jedi Order’s most legendary heroes in this huge collection! In a time when Jedi were numerous and the Sith Empire but a bitter memory, an ancient evil rose again, corrupting one of the Jedi’s finest and igniting a war that ravaged worlds. The Sith were reborn, ties of friendship and family were betrayed, and the lives of Jedi Nomi Sunrider and Ulic Qel-Droma were changed forever.



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    OverviewAfter the many introductions of the previous book (The Epic Hyperspace War of Exar Kun, Onderons Beast Wars with Ulic and the Origin of Nomi Sunrider) we finally get to the meat of the Tales of the Jedi Knights. All chess pieces are in place with a few new ones just around the corner (the first appearance of the Mandalorians).The start is fairly slow littered with minor conflicts which soon will engulf the whole Republic in a full scale war. All mayor characters are back, and the way the...

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