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No one is safe against the Sith Empire.

Synopsis: No one is safe from Darth Krayt's Sith Empire.

What's good?

There were a couple of surprises in throughout this issue. One surprise was to see was a broken Maladi. The affects that Cade did to her at the end of Monster arc did a number to her personality. Cade still plans to carry out his duel with Darth Krayt. But the main issue were the act of betrayals developing. Cade's mother Nyna aka. Morrigan Corde. Even with her careful planning, she can't escape the Sith completely. We finally have an idea to what Darth Krayt has in store for Cade, something I'm still curious about ever since Darth Krayt came back. No one is safe, and while War has been grim so far, there are some small humor thanks to the antics of Cade and Jarriah Syn (The guy is a womanizer).

Again, wonderful artwork by Jan Durasema.  I said this throughout the Legacy series, Durasema' artwork has been wonderful. The only problem I have with her artwork was the cover. It doesn't even look like Nyna.

What's bad?

Again, the pacing is slow with this issue. With all the things Darth Krayt is doing to the galaxy, I would like to see it, rather than just read about it. I would have liked to see what Krayt's Sith troopers can really do.

Overall: War is coming along quite nicely. Can't wait till the next issue.


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