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Trust plays a role in this galaxy.

 The hunt for Skywalker begins, and negotiations begin between the Galactic Empire and Galactic Alliance.

I was surprised to see Nyna so soon again after the last issue. Still, her presence is welcome. Nyna has no love for the Sith Empire, and she's willing to go behind their back to find Skywalker. This is where Morrigan Corde comes in. While the Sith have their own intelligence agent Torlin, Nyna has Morrigan to find Skywalker.

Antares Draco and Ganner Krig are getting off easy after disobeying the Emperor. After all, Roan Fel needs to keep up his image up in order for people to believe in him. So instead, they are being treated as heroes for "saving" Sia, and is forced to be guards for negotiations between the Galactic Alliance and Empire. 

Finally we hear some news about the Galactic Alliance, or to be more specific, the new rebellion. It's being led by Admiral Stazi, who was asked by Emperor Fel to join forces against the Sith. Tensions are still uneasy between these two groups despite Stazi learning the truth about what really caused the war. 
And the funniest thing is that all of these events are at a Space Station called the Wheel.

The story is very slow to start off.

The artwork is a bit of a hit or miss. In some pages, characters look smooth and recognizable, while in some pages, the just look unrecognizable or older than what they appear.

Overall: It's not likely that Cade will play a huge role in the next issue. This Morrigan Corde seems more like a bounty hunter than an imperial agent. We'll see what part II brings.
*Side note, the page in Star Wars Legacy 7 where Cade is leaving the room with what appears to be Sia in the bed has been fixed. Deliah Blue is now the woman in the bed.

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