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"I had enough."

It's an all out battle with bounty hunters, Jedi, and Imperial Knights against the Sith and the winner will obtain Princess Marasiah. 

How Cade managed to survive the day the Sith Empire attacked Ossus is revealed and now that Cade revealed that he used to be a Jedi what will he do? He gets into an argument with his former master, his crew and Princess Marasiah (or Sia for short) about what he should do. I like that Cade Skywalker isn't like other protagonists in Star Wars where he rises to be a great hero. He just wants to live his life. Before anyone else could convince him in what he should do, Darth Talon attacks once again, and she brought friends. Darth Nihl, a Sith who appeared in the first issue, comes back to try to finish what he started with Wolf. It isn't surprising, but Antares and Ganner arrive to help Shado Vao also shows some more of his skills with a lightsaber as he reveals a second blade on his own! The best surprise in this issue was Cade holding a lightsaber.

Great artwork again by Jan Duursema. There were some nice battle pages. The characters that stood out the most were the Sith. I also love the flash back panels of what happen on Ossus years ago.

I'm a bit surprised on how fast Antares Draco and his friend Ganner Krieg got to where everyone was at so fast. I know that hyperspeed would play a part, but I guess Bastion isn't that far way from Vendexa.

Again like the last two parts in Broken, this issue feels a bit slow to start up as well, but gradually picks up.

Minor complaint, but where did Sia get mortally wounded from that encounter when she saved Cade?

Overall: Broken appears to reaching its climax point. Cade has had enough with the Sith, and now he's wielding a lightsaber. The next issue should be exciting.

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