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"Ah, shut up and kill something!"

Darth Krayt searches for answers to heal is failing body, while Cade and the gang fight off Vendexa's wild animals and a Sith warrior.

Fans of the Old Republic Era will love the appearance of Darth Bane and Darth Nihilus. Together with Darth Andeddu, they make Darth Krayt not all powerful than what he seems.  We get a bit of background on Krayt's One Sith empire, which Darth Bane criticizes since he was the one who created the Rule of Two (for those who don't know, The Rule of Two is which the apprentice learns from the master and when the apprentice feels that they have nothing else to learn from the master, he or she kills them and repeat the cycle). We also find out what is causing Krayt's health problems-Yuuzhan Vong parasites. It raises questions on who this Darth Krayt could be.

Back with Cade, Princess Marasiah has already figure out Cade's plan about turning in the bounties with her and her father, making her not as naive as she looks. We also find out that Shado and Astraal are twin siblings (I wonder if they're related to Mission Vao?). Darth Talon makes her move after following the group on Vendaxa taking on everyone including The Jedi Wolf Sazen and Shado Vao even Marasiah who apparently can also wield a lightsaber. After a while, Cade finally uses his Force powers to fend her off. The battle seem far from over however.

Jan Duursema comes back as the artist. I like the image of the Yuuzhan-Vong taking control of Darth Krayt. I also like the Acklay image.

Like with issue 3, there's nothing wrong with this issue other than it just feels like it's dragging somewhat. I'm a bit surprised that Broken hasn't finished yet.

Overall: Legacy is continuing to shape up to be an interesting series. If you're a Star Wars fan, you need to pick up on this series.

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