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The end of Legacy is near

With Legacy winding down to only 1 issue, its a wonder how much information can be put in into this final arc.
Continued from last issue, the different stories do not let up. Out of the different plots, two of them stand out with Cade and Antares. While Antares subplot felt a little rushed and predicable with trying to rescue the princess, Cade's plot seem the most interesting as his friends are close to dealing with Vul Isen. Vul Isen himself have something in planed of his own.
Once again, the artwork looks fantastic. I realized that there was a different cover  with Azlyn Rae and Rasi Tuum with an unknown Sith lord

Original cover
Original cover
in the front, but I'm glad with the new cover. From the characters, to the environments and places, Jan Duursema is one of the reasons why Legacy has been this great.
I addressed this problem in the last issue that because Legacy is wrapping up, the story might be rushed. This is technically the case for this issue. This issue is overwhelmingly packed with so much stuff, 40 pages isn't enough to tell it. It feels rushed in some parts. With the previous issue's ending, you'd expect most of the issue to be about Darth Krayt and the future of the Sith Order. Instead, there's only 1 page mentioning him. Instead, it focus more on Cade and Antares. Its not a bad thing, but it does slows the story down in most parts.
Overall, I don't know what to say about this arc now. I was excited with the last issue but, in a way this issue feels rushed and that's what I was afraid of. I do trust John Ostrander's writing, so hopefully, the last issue will provide a proper send off to a great series.

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