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They use the word "Noob" in Star Wars?

 Being a Stormtrooper isn't cracked up as it seem to be as a rookie solider named Anson Trask learns this.

I'm going to do something different and start with the cons. The problem with this issue is that it takes place right in the middle of a story arc already in place! Who cares about what stormtroopers are going through? Where is Cade Skywalker? Knowing John Ostrander, he probably have plans for the remaining Joker squad in the future.

There's also a fact that a rookie stormtrooper took down a Sith. What are the odds of that actually happening?

What I do like about this issue is that it in a perspective of a rookie Stormstrooper named Anson Trask. He wanted to be like his father, so he became a stormtrooper and was able to be part of the same squad his father served: The Joker Squad. The Joker Squad has it's own personality because of the people in it. Throughout the issue, we see Trask transform from a inexperienced solider, to a battle hardened one. It also sets up an important question about stormtroopers loyalties since now there was the Galactic Empire and the Sith Empire as this battle was between a squad that deflected from the Sith Empire, and the group that serve the Sith Empire.

Instead of Jan Duursema, Travel Foreman fills in her role as the artist, and while the artwork is not on par with Duursema, he gets the job done.

Overall: The overall timing of this issue was bad, but as a standalone title, it wasn't half bad (As a note, if you read this in the trade back Shards, this story will feel like a set up to the next arc). Hopefully, Broken will resume in the next issue.

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