Star Wars: Legacy #31

    Star Wars: Legacy » Star Wars: Legacy #31 - Vector, Part Twelve released by Dark Horse Comics on December 1, 2008.

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    High over the planet, Had Abbadon, the Sith Imperial ship, Relentless flies in orbit. Darth Wyyrlok instructs Captain Rokure to maintain orbit. He plans to go to the planet's surface because he senses that Darth Krayt will need him soon.

    Below, upon the planet, a fierce battle is raging. Krayt and Karness Muur( in Celeste Morne's body ) are engaged in combat. Krayt charges Muur of betrayal, but Muur denies the charge. He unleashes his rakghouls to attack the Imperials, Jedi and the rest of the Sith.

    Azlyn Rae, Ganner Krieg, Shado Vao and Darth Maladi have a hard time evading the mindless rakghouls.

    Cade Skywalker and Darth Stryfe are going toe to toe with lightsabers. Cade instructs Syn to deploy bombs in an area and he force-pushes Stryfe into those. The bombs explode and partially disable Stryfe.

    Celeste snatches back control from Muur. She renews her attack on Krayt. Darth Maladi joins him and together they unleash force-lightning upon Morne. Morne taps into Muur's dark force to hold them off. Muur tries to coax her to surrender. Krayt feels Muur and suggests that Morne should join the Dark side. Muur and Morne work together to absorb the lightning.

    Azlyn Rae asks Cade to hold off the rakghouls. She has foung out a way to defeat Krayt. She jumps from her place, past a surprised Ganner and plunges her lightsaber right through Krayt. Muur takes the oppurtunity to unleash his own lightning. The raw power catches both Azlyn and Krayt in its grip.

    After a moment, Azlyn falls to the ground, almost dead. Muur's power builds to a peak. He unleashes all of his power to possibly


    Krayt and then flings him off the cliff.

    Cade is very angry with Morne for not protecting Azlyn. Morne tells him that Azlyn had chosen her destiny, just like Morne. Then she realises that she is losing control over Muur. She asks Cade to do the right thing. After a moment, Cade activates his lightsaber, right through Morne. Morne falls dead. The talisman finds its way up Cade's arm. Muur bathes in new-found power but just momentarily. Cade tells him that he has fallen into the same trap that they laid for Darth Krayt. Cade pours the


    into the talisman and disintegrates it, ending Karness Muur's essence with it.

    Shado tells Cade that Azlyn is still alive. Cade uses his healing powers upon her and they plan to go to Kiffex for her treatment. Ganner and Draco insist on coming but Shado pushes them away. The Mynock leaves Had Abbadon.

    Below the cliff, Darth Wyyrlok lands with the Imperial shuttle. He gathers Krayt's mask and starts walking back. Just then, a powerless Krayt speaks to him to carry him into a bacta tank. But Wyyrlok has other plans. He quotes, "Sometimes for the dream to live, the dreamer must die." With that, he unleashes force-lightning upon Krayt and kills him. He carries Krayt's lifeless body into his ship.


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    The Most Epic Star Wars Battle in this Series Yet!! 0

    Holy crap! This intense issue came out of nowhere! Be warned because I'm so amped up on excitement that I'm just about ready to spoil the entire book. Like seriously, if you have not read this book then I hope you stop reading my review now.  To start things off... Darth Krayt DIES!?!?! And he's betrayed by Wyyrlok!?!?! Wow. Didn't see that coming. Muur pretty much wrecked everybody. That dude is one badass explosion starter who pretty much just lights up the whole battle and lightnings whoever ...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Vector in Legacy ends on a highnote 0

    Vector concludes finally, and changes are in store for Legacy.  Pros: While Vector was pretty much a boring story overall, the conclusion of it in Legacy left a bigger impact than I thought it would be. I thought it was pretty hilarious seeing Cade take on Darth Stryfe and taking him out so quickly by playing dirty. The battle was fantastic throughout, as it was clear that some people might not make it alive. As expected, the fate of Celeste Monre and the Muur Talisman wraps up with this issue. ...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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