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Darth Krayt seeks out Muur

Does Celeste Morne plans on betraying Cade Skwyalker to Darth Krayt? 
At first, I didn't think that adding Darth Krayt to the storyline of Vector would hurt the overall story in Legacy, but actually, adding him in Vector may be the best thing. Darth Krayt gets word of the Muur Talisman and head straight for the Outer Rim. Darth Styfe, a Sith that showed up during Claws of the Dragon, plays a bigger role this time around now that he replaced Darth Nihl as Darth Krayt's Hand. Even Darth Talon and Darth Maladi comes for the ride. Though it was obvious that this was a trap, I like how it was executed without being blunt. And while the trap proved successful, The outcome is a bit different.

Jan Duuresama continues to bring her best work. Again, everyone looks fantastic and the action pages look incredible.

I dislike the cover. I realize since the start of Vector that guest artist have been doing the cover for each issue, but I think one artist would be best. Minor complaint.

In a way, this issue, or rather this story feels a bit rushed. I know hyperspace does wonders in Star Wars, but Darth Krayt really came to so fast. I hope the last issue doesn't end too quickly.

Overall: The final issue of Vector is upon us. As Darth Krayt put it, "It is time for an ending..." and the outcome can take any direction.

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