Star Wars: Legacy #23

    Star Wars: Legacy » Star Wars: Legacy #23 - Loyalties, Part One released by Dark Horse Comics on May 1, 2008.

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    The pirate Rav has nearly every bounty hunter in the galaxy looking for Cade Skywalker, but he never anticipated what would happen if Cade came looking for him. Scores will be settled the unfriendly way. Taking control of your future sometimes means cutting loose your past!


    After escaping from the claws of the Sith, Cade has some loose ends to tie up.

    Rav is at home in the Golden Gorg Cantina, in his Crimson Axe, a safe place for the bounty hunters guild, when he spots the scum Screeger slipping in the back door. Followed by Cade, Jariah Syn, Chak, and Kee armed and ready to demand to settle some business with Rav. Their first demand is to get the Grinning Liar, Chak and Kee’s ship, back. Rav’s reply is to announce how Cade has a big price on his head and to try and have his gang try and capture Cade. A battle ensures with Cade using his lightsaber and force abilities. Syn is still uneasy with Cade being a Jedi, but is happy he’s on his side.

    The battle ends with Cade using Dark Force Lightning on Rav, and making Rav swear an allegiance to Cade just like Cade had to do along time ago to Rav. After which the get the Grinning Liar back.

    As soon as Cade and his gang are gone, Rav is in contact with Darth Maladi to inform her of Cade’s recent activity. In Darth Maladi’s chamber we see Darth Nihl and Darth Talon recover in stasis chambers, from their previous battle with Cade. Darth Maladi then transfers credits and threatens Rav if he is found unfaithful to her. Upon which Rav swears the same allegiance to her as he did Cade.

    Back on Bastion, Emperor Roan Fel summons Master Krieg. The Emperor is mad that he let Princess Marasiah Fel to allow Cade leave bastion at all, while Master Krieg points out that Cade did save her life in the first place. Emperor Fel reply that his responsibilities is to the galaxy not with a junkie, and is worried what the sith might have been able to drag out of Cade concerning Fel’s whereabouts. Meanwhile in the Green houses, Princess Marasiah finds Antares Draco to tell him that her father has a mission for the three of them. Antares does not wish the Princess to go, and she can sense how he feels about her. She says how she knows he has been avoiding her on orders of the emperor, her father, but she does not intend to let her father interfere with her love life, and they kiss.

    Back on Socorro Cade and Syn see Chak and Kee off in the Grinning Liar, and decides to let Screeger ride along in the Mynock. They put Screeger in the brig because they do not trust him. As they take off we see an unknown figure shot a tracer onto the Mynock. Cade and Syn decide to go to Rawk’s Nest and drop off Screeger someplace before they arrive. While on the Mynock, Cade goes and smoothes things over with Deliah Blue, about how he feels about her and what she saw himdo when he was in the sith temple.

    When they finally arrive at Rawk’s Nest the black sun are attacking and they help to fend them off. As they land we see the unnamed figure a ways away watching them.


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    Cade pays his former boss a visit, and later on decides to goes on a vacation.  Pros: After the escape from Darth Krayt a few issues back, Cade seems more confident and focused than ever. No, he is not thinking about joining the Jedi, but he is thinking about making himself a ghost to hide from the galaxy. Before Cade does however, he decides to "negotiate" with his former boss Rav after Rav sold out his friends to the Sith and get back the ship he owed Chak and Kee. It's sad to see Chak and Kee...

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