Star Wars: Legacy #18

    Star Wars: Legacy » Star Wars: Legacy #18 - Claws of the Dragon, Part Five released by Dark Horse Comics on December 1, 2007.

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    Darth Krayt is subjecting Cade Skywalker to intolerable pain in the Brace of Pain, an invention made by the Yuuzhan Vong. He persuades him to absorb the pain and open himself to the Dark Side of the Force. Cade wants to know why. This is when Krayt reveals his former life.

    Krayt narrates his story. Many years ago, after the fall of the Galactic Empire, A'Sharad Hett left Korriban for the Unknown Regions. What he had thought would be a peaceful journey, soon became his nightmare. A huge ship of the Yuuzhan Vong trapped him. A'Sharad's was too unfamiliar with the Yuuzhan Vong technology and was captured.

    When he was awoken, Hett found himself in the same predicament as he is now subjecting Cade to. He saw Master Vergere, a former apprentice of Darth Sidious, talking to him. Vergere refused his offer to help him free them. She taught him to embrace the pain inflicted upon him. Hett's robotic arm was replaced by an organic Vong arm. The Vong also implanted Coral seeds into his body. Later, the Vongs replaced his left eye with one of their own. The pain continued to grow inside Hett. That's when he received his vision. A vision of a new Empire that he would forge and rule. A vision of Darth Krayt.

    Hett was abandoned by Vergere, who said that her duties kept her apart. He seized his first chance to escape the Vong. He murdered any an everyone in his path. He escaped in a spaceship after destroying their mothership.

    Krayt returned to Korriban. He completed his training under Xoxaan. Then he retreated into a stasis chamber to help himself survive. His first disciple was the first Darth Wyyrlok.

    Krayt tells Cade that he needs him in order to impose his will over the Galaxy and the Universe. But he also requires Cade to heal him. The coral seeds implanted by the Vong inside Krayt's body threaten to consume his being. He needs to live to fulfil his vision.

    Later, a free Cade runs around to make his escape with Hosk. He meets Darth Talon inside Lady Maladi's lab. Talon blasts him unconscious with her Force.

    Krayt, now aware of Cade pretensions to be a Sith, wants him to sacrifice the life of the very Jedi, Hosk Trey'lis. Cade is reluctant to do it. So Krayt takes the matter into his hands. Nihl and Talon block Cade's path, while Krayt runs Hosk through. Hosk being a true Jedi, dissipates into thin air. Cade is very angry and on the verge of turning to the Dark Side. Krayt is pleased.

    This is when Kol Skywalker's spirit appears to Cade. He guides Cade to use his powers a different way. Cade then breaks the glass containing his Father's lightsaber and stabs Darth Talon. Darth Nihl joins the fight.

    Outside, The Mynock reaches the Sith Temple. Jariah, Deliah and Morrigan Corde.

    Krayt tries to persuade Cade into killing Nihl. Cade is on the verge of turning to the Dark Side. What happens next lies ewntirely on Cade's own shoulders.



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    Decisions are made in this issue. Will Cade join the Sith? Pros: Since A'Sharad Hett has been revealed to be Darth Krayt, more theories have been appearing about his events after the encounter with Obi Wan, more specifically, how he was implanted with Yuuzhan Vong. This is explained in this issue, and also another character from the Expanded Universe makes a huge impact on Hett, someone who also had a impact with Jacen Solo (for those who read the novels): SPOILER WARNING: Click here to revea...

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