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The second part of the biggest Star Wars story of 2008 begins with Mandalorians galore and ends with the arrival of a seemingly unstoppable threat!

Fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick and his con-artist companion Gryph have fallen into a situation even more dangerous than the one they escaped on wartorn Taris-surrounded by enemies and trapped in close-quarters with a deadly agent of the group who framed Zayne for killing his fellow Jedi-in-training!


On Jeeble, Mandalorians are waiting for the ship containing Pulsipher. On the ship, Pulsipher holds the Muur Talisman in his hand. Two other Mandalorians watch on, wondering if he is mad with power. Pulsipher wonders what kind of secret information the Talisman holds; perhaps the Jedi financial records? In the vent, next to Pulsipher, Gryph perks up when "financial" is said. Celeste holds a hand to his mouth. Pulsipher rants on about the power of the Jedi and how something must create that power for them. Celeste, inside the vent, uses her Force powers to move it and for some reason electrocutes him and then electrocuting another Mandalorian in the process.

Celeste takes off, and follows Pulsipher secretly, with Zayne and Gryph behind. A Mandalorian grabs them, however, and tells them to make their way to the war forge to grab their armour, ready for another take over on Alderaan. Zayne, upon hearing this is speechless and tells Celeste that they're attacking Alderaan. Gryph then interrupts with Mandalorian armour he was offered from the war forge. Gryph pretends that Zayne and Celeste are his prisoners and accidently fires his rifle, causing an explosion. Celeste asks where the lightsaber is, causing a nearby Mandalorian to hear her. Just then, the Mandalorian falls to the floor and transforms into a rakghoul. Celeste takes the opportunity to pull the lightsaber to her, killing the rakghouls. A rakghoul, then sees another Mandalorian and attacks him, turning him into a rakghoul too. Zayne then blocks blaster fire with his lightsaber, to find that a rakghoul had been firing the gun. Confused, Celeste wonders why these rakghouls can use weapons and wonders why they are transforming so quickly. They realise that it's time for them to exit, when they run across a staging area, with soldiers from all over the outer rim; they're going to invade Alderaan, and with the new type of rakghoul disease, they're going to infect everyone!



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If you haven't read my review for issue #25 then you will probably not follow this review too well, as I will talk about my previous review rather often.  As you very well know (or should know from reading my last review), I thought that issue #25 was okay. It was good as a setup issue to the Vector event, but it didn't retain a good "Knights of the Old Republic-isk" flair to it. The art was poor, and the story comprised of either setup for the crossover (which was actually pretty cool) and then...

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