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Objective Review

This review is a copy paste from my IMDB Account.

Star Wars Force Awakens is a rips-off of the original trilogy. It does not offer anything new. The plot is simply a rehash. I honestly really don't care about rip-offs, but this movie has so many problems. Star Wars Force Awakens has a poorly written story and characters. It lacks anything positive. The only thing the film has going for it is the visuals. This movie meant only to impress plebes. Star Wars Force Awakens is a cash grab. Many users already ranted about this abomination. What else there is to say. This movie ruined the way I see Star Wars being. If J.J. Abrams has trouble with coming up with a plot. He could have simply adapted many stories from the Star Wars Expanded Universe (Ex.Darth Bane). Star Wars Force Awakens is a missed opportunity. Postives: 1.Visuals. Negatives: 1. Rehashed Plot. 2.Poorly written story & characters 3. Rey vs Kylo Ren Fight was absolutely $tupid. Rey with no training in the Jedi Arts, was able to defeat a high level master. It absolutely makes no sense. J.J. Abrams simply took this idea from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. This fight scene is a definite ripoff of Jaina Solo vs Darth Caedus 4. Han Solo pointlessly dying because the plot required it. P.S. I have a confession to make. I did not see this movie in theaters. I saw this movie online for free. Basically… I ripoff J.J. Abrams, just like how he ripoff you. :p

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