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"The Force Awakens" is a new "A New Hope" 1

Originally published at The Hub City Review“A Knight. A Wizard. A Princess. A Pirate.”Born a few short years after Return of the Jedi debuted, I never saw any of the Original Trilogy during their initial theatrical releases. Thus, the above voice over, taken from a television spot promoting an airing of A New Hope and accompanied by clips of Luke, Obi-Wan, Leia, and Han, stands among my earliest memories of the Saga. That brief advertisement spoke directly to what I’ve since co...

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Star Wars Redone 0

In 'Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens', director J.J. Abrams gives us what he's best at - a good but not great sci-fi film that is entertaining and breaks zero new ground.First of all the entertaining part - the film is definitely that. It limits the CGI overload by including at least a fair amount of practical effects, wisely forgets about all the characters introduced in the horrendous prequels and has a lot of homages to the original series and a few homages to other films (a light sab...

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Star Wars, Infinite Remix 5

If you’re looking at the words below on if I think the movie is “good” or “bad”, know this. I think The Force Awakens is a solid movie not the best but not the worst. It is of such cultural relevance that even if it were getting pilloried by fans and critics you should still probably see it. So go see The Force Awakens it’s a pretty OK movie. Everything below this is fair game for “spoilers” (they don’t really exist).Directed by J. J. Abrams...

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Wide Awake, and Smiling... 0

So I will try my darnedest to not spoil anything for the film- I know some people haven’t seen it yet and wont see it for a while. I got lucky, and had my in-laws step up and offer to watch the kid so my wife and I could enjoy Force Awakens in IMAX 3D. Then, the next day I got the opportunity through my wife’s work to get discounted group tickets for another showing of the film, so we took my three year old to the movie. I wanted to take him to see it, because he (of course, as my so...

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A Reborn Hope 0

The Star Wars saga continues in this latest installment of the franchise. The Force Awakens is a pure trip to the nostalgia of the original (and in some ways prequel) movies while also bringing forth a new era to a galaxy far, far away.I am really impressed with what JJ Abrams did. The movie had a nice blend of practical effects while also using a decent amount of CGI. The actors where absolutely wonderful. The new characters were fascinating and the old characters still had that same spark but ...

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[SPOILER REVIEW] Better Than I Thought Possible 0

4.5 stars, rounded up instead of down.while there were a few minor disappointments, (mostly Capt. Phasma not doing anything, and Chewie not sharing a moment with Leia after Han's death) i felt that it was the Star Wars movie that we all needed in order to move on to this new "awakening" in the saga. practical effects, real sets, limited green-screens, no cringe worthy cheese fest characters or jokes... not flawless, but far better overall than i could have hoped!the opening sequences introducin...

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Objective Review 0

This review is a copy paste from my IMDB Account.Star Wars Force Awakens is a rips-off of the original trilogy. It does not offer anything new. The plot is simply a rehash. I honestly really don't care about rip-offs, but this movie has so many problems. Star Wars Force Awakens has a poorly written story and characters. It lacks anything positive. The only thing the film has going for it is the visuals. This movie meant only to impress plebes. Star Wars Force Awakens is a cash grab. Many users ...

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