VII > IV > III > V > VI > I > II

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do we all agree

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No, VII isn't even close to being the best nor is V worse than IV or III. If that's what you like then fine but no I doubt most people agree.

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I consider 7 to be the 5th best movie in the franchise, only ahead of 1 and 2. Nothing about the movie stood out as that great to me.

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6-5-3-4-7-2-Holiday Special-1

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V - IV - VI - I - III - II - VII

I believe it's generally accepted that episode V was the best.

Some people didn't like episode VI, it did have some flaws.

Fans are split by the prequels, a lot of hate from the hardcore, in my opinion they were flawed but I liked episode I and somehow find it easy to ignore Jar Jar.

I think the fans are coming out of their hype induced fan hypnoses and are starting to realize Episode VII had more plot holes than a bad fan fiction.

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7 is the worst

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Force awakens






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Revenge of the Sith



A New Hope


Attack of the Clones

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@acer51 said:

V - IV - VI - I - III - II - VII

I think I can agree with this list.

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Return of the Jedi is pretty bad.

V > IV > VII > III > I > VI > II

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@masterdetective: I agree with everything except for star wars I being better than II

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