Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoiler-Free)

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@nicksmi56: pretty obvious the fan boy syndrome has you

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The easiest way I can describe how it's structured is it's great for people who either love the franchise or are not really familiar with it, but it's just alright for anyone in between.

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@modsbehating: Agreed that was my only thing I didn't like about the movie. She all of a sudden over powers a dude that's been training with Luke and a Sith Lord? Cmon now she didn't even get a scratch on her. Lukes first fight with Vader he got his hand cut off and had to run away haha

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Warning! Spoilers in the following message.....

I thought the movie was entertaining, and they have my money for the two sequels. Like the new characters and loved seeing the old characters in new situations.

With that being said, a few issues:

  • They build another Death Star upgrade/ Star Killer base with an exploitable weakness? Shouldn't they have fired that design engineer after the first death star was destroyed? Instead, he or she goes on to build two more? How can the Empire/ First Order be that menacing if they're that incompetent? Must be the same engineer who designed their detention block security system.
  • The Star Killer Base/Death Star upgrade charges itself from the system's star. If I'm not mistaken, the star is used up after the Death Star upgrade charges a second time. If they managed a second shot, how were they going to recharge it again? All those man-hours building the thing and it couldn't be used after the second shot. Another strike against the design engineer.
  • Kylo has his butt kicked by someone with no training. I know he was hurt, but he stopped a blaster bolt in mid-air with his mind at the beginning of the film. I liked the character's emotional vulnerability. It makes the audience sympathize with him in a weird way, but how can we consider him a threat from this point forward? Although, he does have a cool light saber.
  • They made a big deal about how important it was to drop the shield on the Death Star upgrade so it could be attacked. Wasn't Han able to fly through the shield in hyperspace? Couldn't the X-wings do the same thing? A third strike against the Star Killer design engineer.

I enjoyed the film, but JJ has some plot holes which were difficult to ignore. They kept taking me out of suspension of disbelief during the movie.

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@modsbehating: And him beating Vader to begin with with not nearly as much lightsaber training. Or Anakin suddenly able to outfight Dooku despite not being on his level. Or about 10 other examples.

Jedi have been prone to sudden boosts of power from the Force for a really long time now. Not sure why it's a problem here of all times

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Does not stray far from the formula of Episodes 4-6. Still fun to watch.

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@pelykan said:

I liked how it felt more like the old trilogy. The overall story moves a bit slower but it does give me hope the entire trilogy will be a great story alltogether.

I was seriously bummed Phasma hardly had any screentime.

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4/5 stars for me.

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A copy and paste movie of "A New Hope" with a Marry Sue character with zero context to her background and a Stormtrooper who had an invisible aura to the plot. Damn the review rating on this site has gone to bonkers lately. A Deathstar that becomes a Starkiller with yet another plot hole. Weak shields. These engineers of the empire really build shitty installations. But I'll give them this though the f##### Empire build these bad boys like Ford built his cars on a assembly line. For every movie there's a Deathstar to be destroyed. EPIC!!!!

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Finally got a chance to see it again and hey it's good. Better on rewatch (and at a better angle). The move did exactly what it needed to do.

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what you mean Anakin actually put some effort into it , and Anakin was totallly above duku he had training, years of it actually made sense training plus talent also it wasnt the first freaking time he touched a saber {tons of things happen to him even that weird cartoon is canon} and hmm what happened when Luke tried darth on the first time yup no hand for you and he had to go train for a little while a "force boost" Lmao man i dont wanna argue with your fan boy ness im not a fan where you can bring up past movies like i care lmao

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@modsbehating: Luke didn't go train for a while lol. He was looking for Han. And when he went back for training, Yoda died before he could. So he didn't go back and train. He literally just got better

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Best movie ever. I'm a bit disappointed that the EU has been ignored. But it made sense why Disney did it. Most people don't read the EU novels and some do. The EU fans knows what's going to happen in the movies, if Disney had allowed it. It will definitely ruin the surprise.

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Spoiler warning!

Does anyone know who the old man is who originally has the part of the map to Luke Skywalker in the first scene? I'm assuming he may of been involved with the Knights of Ren but not sure.

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5/10 for me.

Basically the old movies with a new paint job and a worse plot with some colossal plot holes and plot fails.

Better than the prequels, but that was easy to achieve.

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Great movie 8.9/9 out of ten for me cant wait for episode 8

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