Is it just me, or did Kylo Ren become way less intimidating after he took off his mask?

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Posted by Crazyspideyfan (175 posts) 3 years, 3 months ago

Poll: Is it just me, or did Kylo Ren become way less intimidating after he took off his mask? (11 votes)

Yes, less intimidating 91%
No, stayed the same 9%
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I mean, its not like Vader would look scary if he removed his mask in the first movie right? You would most likely pitty him, which was afterall the effect in the ROTJ when you saw him.

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#2 Posted by redwingx (1359 posts) - - Show Bio

That was the point.

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Its not so much that he seemed less intimidating(which he did) but that it was hard to put his face together with what we knew about him up till then. From the point in the movie where we see his face onward his character feels subservient to the red haired general guy(who seems to think of Ren as nothing more than an upstart sith lackey) and we start to see him having a semi nervous breakdown followed by having trouble with Finn and Rey both using a lightsaber for the first time. Granted he was shot but it just seems like its two different Rens we see from when he takes off his mask. His voice without the mask also comes off as sort of weak.

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People stopped caring who he was, after he took off the mask

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I think that was the point. Kylo was never meant to be this intimidating monstrous bad guy but something more or less ... Human. Someone who had insecurities and doubts about his allegiances, capabilities and potential. It's honestly the reason why I liked his character in the first place.

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@impervious: I almost get the feeling with Kylo that Abrams is basically asking 'what if Luke had killed Vader and followed his path to the dark side?' since that is essentially what Kylo is to me. Luke was semi conflicted at the end of esb trying to reach out to both Obi Wan and Vader. You know he had to consider joining with Vader also. Kylo basically faced the same sort of choice but decided he wanted to go the dark path. Luke of course stopped just short of killing Vader in rotj also.

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#7 Posted by Seeffiss-alt17 (91 posts) - - Show Bio

Less intimidating yes? Better character for it? Definitely.

His character arc was awesome, by far one of the best characters in the franchise.

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