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After seeing the movie my main question is where do we go from here? It is implied that Luke is more powerful than Snoke, and Rey has defeated Kylo Ren decisively and is presumably already more powerful, with greater potential. Also, in the mid scene battle between the first order and the resistance, the first order was routed. Are we in Marvel territory with weak villains? How can they threaten the heroes in the following movies when they are weaker?

Another question I have is Han said that Snoke is just using Kylo Ren for his power. Do you think they mean just his power in general? Or does Kylo Ren have a specific power or ability that is different from what all (movie) Jedi and Sith have had in the past?

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With reference to Han's quote about Snoke, I think he just meant the fact that Kylo is a force user and maybe also due to his connection to Leia and Luke. I'm not sure that Abrams will ever develop the First Order into a true threat to the galaxy and it will prob be more of just watching Rey and Finn do everything while Luke gives them a word or two of advice.

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Snoke is Plagueis tho

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@nerevarine_11: The whole problem is there has to be a new threat that is believable. I'm not going to buy Kylo Ren as a threat to Rey in the next sequel without some new information to make me believe that things have changed. Yes Ren will get training, but so will Rey. Ren represents a problem that has already been overcome.

@spambot: The Snoke is Plagueis/Palpatine/Vader and/or Rey is Anakin theories could change things but I'm not sure that Abrams would setup reincarnation after into darkness. Once that can of worms is opened, it makes it hard to close. It would be tough to believe that anyone would be permanently dead.

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