Do you think we have seen all the force users in this trilogy?

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Between Luke, Rey, Snoke, Ren and possibly Finn or do you think Abrams will put more into the mix? I personally think we have prob seen them all though I'd like to see 1-2 more because none of them so far with the exception of Luke are doing anything for me(which is more just my own hope that Luke will be badass in ep 8).

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I think we'll see all the Knights of Ren and hopefully Luke is actually training new Jedi at that temple instead of hiding out while Snoke murders billions.

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Maz is a force user, there's some article about a deleted scene in the movie with her using the force on the troopers during the invasion. I think they'll be more force users in the other movies too.

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I kind of developed this theory that maybe Snoke will be really mad at Kylo for losing to Rey, and will start training Benicio del Torro's character to sort of test Ren. It would end with Kylo killing Benicio and then beating Rey. If Benicio del Torro's character isn't a force user, though, I don't expect to see any more in this trilogy.

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@omanlew: a. She claims to not be one and b. Even if she is she wouldn't be new to the trilogy at this point. A deleted scene doesn't really prove she is one either. They may have changed their minds about her being one and thus deleted the scene.

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There's probably a Yoda look alike somewhere.

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@spambot: she uses the force to use some of the rubble from her castle to throw at storm troopers.

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@nerevarine_11: I can't believe she outlived Yoda LOL. I thought they were different species, but it could work.

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