Do you consider Admiral Thrawn still canon?

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Poll: Do you consider Admiral Thrawn still canon? (10 votes)

Yes. If the new Star Wars canon did not strictly contradicted, its still canon 50%
No. Anything aside from the movies and the clone wars series. And that's a shame. 10%
No. Anything aside from the movies and the clone wars series. And that's great. 30%
I honestly don't know/don't care 10%

(This thread will contain spoilers from the latest film)

The post RotJ Expanded Universe was in many ways a little hit or miss, but something that almost everyone agrees is that Timothy Zahn's "Thrawn Trilogy" and its antagonist, the brilliant Admiral Thrawn is one of the best parts in it.

So... With some basic chances to the plot, like instead of Leia being pregnant with Jacen and Jaina she would be pregnant with Ben (and maybe Rey) do you still consider it canon? Or we should just consider part of a alternative timeline and move on?

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#1 Posted by redleader1 (845 posts) - - Show Bio

There is a character in aftermath who was a mystery and is implied to be thrawn. He has a super star destroyer and steals vaders lightsaber.

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#2 Posted by Kundelar (524 posts) - - Show Bio

Sure there was some decent stuff in the EU, but a lot of it was complete trash (Force Unleashed anyone?). Every month new canon material comes out and most of it, especially the comics, are a lot better than the swamp of various clueless writers who were involved in writing contradicting stories before Disney retconed most of the EU. I dont think Thrawn is canon still but theres no reason why they couldnt make it canon with their own twist on it.

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Yes and no. Any idea of canon in various stories like Star Wars, can be determined by fans as ambiguous and enriching stories to build off of. Before he wen't insane, Lucas encouraged the expanding of his ideas to all mediums both fan, EU, and movies alike because they we're made for all to enjoy. Yes by "official" canon to the casual movie goer they either don't know Thrawn or dismiss him as canon. I say because of his enduring character in a sea of huge amounts of convolution and mediocrity in many stories set in expanded universe, that he is just as important and even more justified to be canon than say 50% of the prequel characters who are forgettable or the OT characters who weren't really given much exposition. As said in the SW Aftermath story, there is a potential chance a First Order Admiral could be Thrawn or even Benicio Del Toros character in episode 8. I still think that Hux should have been Thrawn and made blue and a Chiss as well as recast by an actor who could be more memorable. But, thats just me.

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#4 Posted by TheVivas (19447 posts) - - Show Bio

@undefined: Any characters from EU material aren't Canon unless actively brought in in the new Canon.

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#5 Posted by RabumAlal (4994 posts) - - Show Bio

EU was shit. Just crap. Thrawn Trilogy is no exception. The Jedi Academy is even worse. So glad someone finally took charge.

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#6 Posted by TheVivas (19447 posts) - - Show Bio

It definitely wasn't. Lol

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