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Darkness, Anger, And Death.

Synopsis: A vision in the Force causes three Jed'daii Jouneyers to seek out the mysterious masked Force Hound.

While the last few issues (if you count #0) was more a history lesson than an actual comic, this issue introduces what seems to be most of the main cast. These characters and their background were covered briefly in #0, but John Ostrander does a nice job of introducing them in this issue. Shae Koda, is a hot headed woman, who is most likely rash. While everyone featured in this issue is most likely a main character, I think she might be the central character. Tasha Ryo takes the spotlight the most with her peculiar background. She's a princess caught between being a Je'daii and taking over her clan. Out of the characters, she's the most compassionate. Sek'nos Rath is the one character I'm keeping an eye on. Not because he's brash and thinks he's a ladies' man, but he's a Sith. An ACTUAL Sith alien. It will be interesting how this encounter with Xesh will shape him...if he survives.

But really, the character that stands out the most is the mysterious Xesh. He certainly plays the evil role, but of course, there's got to be more to it than that.

As always, Jan Duursema's artwork in Star Wars is a highlight, and it's no different for this series. She does a wonderful job with the characters and the types of alien races and species. Not only that, but the environments are always great to look at. If anything, her only weakness most of the time is portraying the action.


Again, I'm loving this new entry to the Star Wars universe. It has such a rich background due to it being taken place in the past. Star Wars fans of the expanded universe should jump on board with this series.

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