kondorr's Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows #1 - HC review

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The Dark Lord through the eyes of a veteran Clone trooper

When I heard the premise of this story I instantly thought that this is a great idea and the book did ot disappoint. This is one of the best Vader stories I have read to day.
The story shows us the growing legend of Vader through the eyes of a clone, disenchanted with the Jedi. In order to please his lord, he excells at his duties in the ranks of Stormtroopers, but once he arrives at Vaders side, the legend will have to be confronted with the harsh reality.
This is equally a book about a clone as it is about the image and the legend of the dark lord. The script and the art are perfect.
This comes highly recommended and might work both in the OEU (Original Expanded Universe and the DEU (Disney's Expanded Universe).
An absolute recommendation!

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