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    The Empire in retreat, Luke Skywalker has begun a quest to rebuild the Jedi. Although dead, the Emperor's presence still haunts him, and Luke still feels the taint of the dark side from his time as the Emperor's thrall.

    The dark shadow of Palpatine seems to creep across the galaxy once again, and the Empire awaits his return. Enslaving a weapons factory to design a device more deadly than the Death Star, the Empire sets its plans in motion -- to destroy the New Republic once and for all!

    Long before the cloned Emperor’s demise, Palpatine had initiated an elite corps of seven warriors whom he empowered with the Dark Side of the Force. These Dark Jedi, as he called them, were authorized to put into action his master plan to retake the Galaxy: Operation Shadow Hand.

    Following the disappearance of Palpatine, the Imperial Elite, under the command of Darkside Executor Sedriss, initiated a series of assaults against the worlds in proximity to the Galactic Core.

    Luke, in the meantime had found clues in the Jedi holocron which suggested that some JediKnights must have survived Darth Vader’s program of extermination. Near the Cron Drift, in the derelict space city of Nespis VIII, Luke discovered the fallen Jedi, Kam Solusar. With difficulty, Luke freed him from the Dark Side. Solusar agreed to join Luke in reviving the ancient company of Jedi Knights.

    Meanwhile, Sedriss goes forward with Operation Shadow Hand. He chooses a planet which had formerly supplied armament to the empire, but now demands freedom. Sedriss demands that they submit, but the planet’s commander, Beltane does not agree. In response, Sedriss sends a huge army down upon the planet. But after a moderate battle, it seems that Beltane has advanced technology, and thus, the upper hand. The fight ends with Beltane’s new X-1 Viper Droid standing victorious over the Imperial Forces. Sedriss makes a truce with Beltane. The planet can have freedom, in return they are to supply the Empire with those new Viper droids. Beltane agrees.

    Back on Pinnacle Moon, Luke and the newly arrived Kam Solusar are greeted by the Rebels. After a while, they discuss plans to thwart the advance of Sedriss. Beltane has provided the Rebels with a small window to sneak into a transport ship bound for Byss, and to use his X-1 Viper Droids to attack the Empire. Wedge, Calrissian and Mon Mothma agree on going for the sneak attack, but Luke disagrees, saying that the party won’t evade the Emperor’s security for enough time to reach his citadel. However votes go up in favor of the sneak attack.

    Leia and Han want to search for Vima Da-Boda on Nar Shadda, and together with Salla and Shug, they depart in the Millennium Falcon.

    Back on Byss, Sedriss comes into the Emperor’s citadel, only to find that some former members of the Emperor’s inner circle are destroying the clone bodies. He finishes them off. Palpatine comes out of a corner, in a new clone body. He appreciates Sedriss’ work and orders him to bring Leia to him, and simultaneously attack Luke Skywalker, while he prepares other plans for the Rebels.


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