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Left behind on Byss, Luke travels with the newly-powerful Emperor Palpatine to capture his sister Leia. Meanwhile, the Jedi Holocron delivers a thousand-year-old prophecy to Leia, which tells of her battle against the young Emperor!

And as the Battle of Calimari rages over the waters of that world and the Mon Calimari Rebels wonder when their savior Luke will shut down the killing machines, a battle begins above them that overshadows the outcome of their more conventional war...

The key to their survival all comes down to the data carried inside one brave little robot.

Han, Leia, Chewbacca, R2D2, C3PO, Salla and Shug flee the planet Byss on their trusted ship Millennium Falcon. Chewbacca links R2D2 to the communication system, and R2D2 uses the stolen control codes that Luke them to immobilize the World Devastators, situated far away on the planet Mon Calamari.

As the Devastators stop moving, elite water commandos of Lando Calrissian strike from beneath them and start boarding the machines of destruction. But the Imperial Commanders do not resign to fate. They launch a counter attack with fighter ships. Coming into the atmosphere, the Millennium Falcon’s party behold this small battle, and are unsure of what to do. R2D2 says that he has acquired full control of the World Devastators. Han makes a devious plan, and commands R2D2 to ram the Devastators into one another. Thus the battle over Mon Calamari ends, and the Rebel Alliance is victorious. But, Han still does not trust Luke.

Back at the Rebel base, news of the Emperor unfolds. The Emperor plans to unleash attacks on worlds in proximity to the Galactic Core. Mon Mothma tells that they have to make haste to check the Emperor’s advance. In her room, Leia consults the Jedi Holocron she stole from Palpatine. The Jedi spirit suggests that she join the fight to bring back Luke and secure the future of the Jedi.

Suddenly, a huge Imperial ship materializes in orbit above the Pinnacle Moon. The Emperor transmits a hologram to the Rebel Alliance, asking them to send Princess Leia up to him, and thus avoid a confrontation. Han disagrees, but Leia insists.

As Leia is taken to the Emperor’s room, she sees Luke there as well. Palpatine asks for the holocron but Leia does not have it. Palpatine however has other thoughts. He says that he will have Leia’s unborn child, and that boy will be a vessel for his spirit. But Leia uses the Force to keep Palpatine at bay. Palpatine commands Luke to overpower his sister, but after a short spar, Leia frees Luke’s mind of the Dark Side. Palpatine lashes out with his lightsaber, but Luke cuts off his hand. Palpatine is enraged, and commons his Force Storm upon the Rebel fleet. Luke asks Leia’s help to maneuver the Force against the Emperor. As they join their power, Palpatine is flooded by the Light side of the Force, and the Force Storm turns upon the Emperor’s flagship. Luke and Leia escape at the last moment, as the Force Storm engulfs the Imperial flagship.

Back on Pinnacle Moon, Leia and Luke discuss the future of the Jedi. Luke feels that bright days await the Jedi.

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CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverDave Dorman1
VarGold Variant CoverDave Dorman3
VarPlatinum Variant CoverDave Dorman2

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Star Wars Dark Empire #6 0

After reading the first 5 issues of this series, I was looking forward to the conclusion! Being a fan of Star Wars and the extended universe, I had a vague idea of this story, but finally reading helped fill in a lot of holes I had in the universe. The first five issues had started a great story and this was a climatic finish!After the return of the Emperor, Luke and Leia have to team up using their combined force powers to defeat him! The Emperor finally attempts to destroy his enemies with the...

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