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    A war for the planet Calamari erupts over that planet's surface, already threatened by the massive World Destroyers. While Lando and Wedge take on the Imperial stormtroopers, Leia is tormented by visions of Luke being sucked into the darkness. Meanwhile, it seems that Han has run into some "old friends"!


    Jumping out of hyperspace, the Rebel starships led by Lando and Wedge, blast their way through the defensive Imperial blockade into Calamari’s orbit. Rebel fighters are deployed for low altitude assault on the World Devastators. The Devastators answer back with a wave of highly advanced robotic Tie Fighters. It seems that the battle is about to end in a draw, when suddenly, a Devastators comes into orbit, and targets the Rebel Star Destroyer for assimilation. Lando and Wedge prepare to evacuate.

    On Pinnacle Moon, Leia reaches out to Luke telepathically, only to find that he has turned to the Dark Side. A vision of Palpatine interrupts the conversation, saying the Luke has no hope of breaking his grip. The psychic backlash knocks Leia out. Later, while recuperating, Leia says that Luke has turned to the Dark Side, and she needs to save him. Mon Mothma agrees, saying that Luke is the last surviving Jedi Knight, and all hope rests on him. Han agrees to ferry her to Byss.

    On the way to Byss, Han says that they will need a cruiser with Imperial communication frequencies to evade the security surrounding the planet. So, he plans to go to his old home, the moon Nar Shaddaa. Immediately upon arrival, the Millennium Falcon is attacked by Bounty Hunters. Han manages to evade them, and arrives at his friend Shug Ninx’s place. He introduces Leia to Ninx and Salla Zend. Salla says that she has a ship which will suit Han’s needs. Chewbacca and C3PO stay at Ninx’s place.

    Han and Leia go for a walk, and stumble upon a very old Jedi female, Vima Da Boda. Vima gifts Leia a box, and disappears. Han comes to his place, and the two of them are greeted by Han’s droid, Zeezee, who squawks out that a certain Mr. Fett came to meet Han some time ago.

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    RegRegular CoverDave Dorman1
    VarGold Variant CoverDave Dorman3
    VarPlatinum Variant CoverDave Dorman2

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