Star Wars: Dark Empire #2

    Star Wars: Dark Empire » Star Wars: Dark Empire #2 - Devastator of Worlds released by Dark Horse Comics on April 1991.

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    Danger stalks the Rebels in the form of the massive World Devastators, dark side machines that destroy everything in their path. Their current target is the planet Calimari, which will be destroyed unless Lando Calrissian and the Rebel forces can reach it in time. Meanwhile, Luke meets the face behind the Force storm, a familiar face, while Leia feels Luke being torn away...

    Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma converse among themselves about the various strategies they need to follow to overthrow the remnants of the Empire. They also draw up a list of the worlds sympathetic to the Rebel Alliance.

    In the meantime, the Millennium Falcon comes back to the Rebel starships aggregation in space. Then the Falcon and Admiral Ackbar make their way to the Pinnacle Moon in the Da Soocha system. Upon landing, Leia tells Mon Mothma that Luke may be in danger from a Dark Force of great magnitude. Mon Mothma calls a meeting, discussing this, and a new fact that certain big machines called World Devastators are attacking the planetary systems allied with the Rebels. She pulls up live images of a similar attack happening on planet Calamari. Ackbar says that a counter-attack needs to be arranged immediately.

    Elsewhere, Luke finds himself and R2D2 inside a dungeon ship. The ship docks at a port on planet Byss, from which Luke senses a vast amount of Dark Force emanating. They are carried to the Commander’s central chamber, when Luke sees that the one who brought him to Byss, is Emperor Palpatine! Palpatine explains how he found cloning technology to be useful to carry his spirit inside clone human bodies. He explains that he will not die if struck down, but will find other bodies to inhabit. Palpatine says that he is preparing to launch a full scale attack on the Republic, and the current civil wars are nothing. Luke senses the futility of any immediate plan, and recognizes the Emperor as his Master, willingly giving himself to the Dark Side.

    On the Pinnacle Moon, Lando and Wedge prepare to go to the Calamari system, while Han stays back to discuss things with Leia. Leia says that Luke is in great danger, and needs to be saved. She senses him on Byss. Han and Chewbacca make arrangements for their trip.

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverDave Dorman1
    VarGold Variant CoverDave Dorman3
    VarPlatinum Variant CoverDave Dorman2

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