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New Adventures.

When I first heard about this new Star Wars series, I really didn’t see the point. I figured that due to other media such as novels, video games, and other comics covered so much between each original movies. A fear I had was continuity issues. Granted, there are some errors or changes I could overlook, but I was afraid that Brian Wood was going to totally rewrite some adventures. After reading this issue, I take it back, and I should have more faith in Brian Wood.

This issue is a good starting point for those wanting to adventure into Expanded Universe territory, especially those who are more familiar with the original trilogy. What I like most in Brian Wood’s writing is the reality of the situation our heroes are in. Remember that moment at the end of A New Hope with the ceremony after the rebels destroyed the Death Star? Well, the reality is that the victory was not without its consequences. The Empire now sees the Rebellion as a serious threat. Not only that, but The Empire also know the location of the rebel’s base on Yavin. The Rebellion is barely sustaining itself as they try to find others that will help support them in their cause. To add more worries, there may be a spy in the Alliance.

While there is focus on the other characters that we know in Star Wars like Luke Skywalker, Wedge, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, this first story arc focuses more on Leia. Let’s pretend that Episode V and VI weren’t out yet, along with the expanded universe after Return of the Jedi. All we know about Leia is that she’s a spunky, headstrong senator, a princess, and part of the rebellion. What other skills does she have? I like that in the opening pages we see Leia flying an X-wing with Luke and Wedge. She talks with Luke about her responsibilities and what she lost in such a short time. Leia was never known to be a damsel in distress, and she can certainly take care of herself as shown in this issue. The idea of her being in command of her own “Shadow team” to put in terms is a step up. There’s also a great moment with Darth Vader as he too is in thought about the aftermath of the Death Star.

Along with the beautiful cover artwork by Alex Ross that makes me feel like I’m watching the first trilogy for the first time, Carlos D’Anda is incredible with the artwork. He puts so much detail in everything with the way the vehicle looks both inside and out, the character designs, it’s on par with some of the other Star Wars artists I like. The only few complaints I have is the abrupt dogfight in space.


Brian Wood made me eat my words. I’m impressed with the way the first issue is presented and handled. Although it’s been over 30 years since the original trilogy, Wood shows that there’s still life within this evolving saga.

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