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Yes Disney owns your childhood, but it'll probably be okay.

It always sucks when a comics company that was doing a great job with a licenced property gets the rug pulled out from under them. Brian Wood and Carlos DÁnda were doing a fine job with Star Wars until they had the bad luck to rub up against Disney's buyouts of both Lucasfilm and Marvel Comics, which pretty much guaranteed that the Star Wars licence would come quickly skipping back to Marvel. So now we have the first of what looks to be a whole slew of new Marvel Star Wars titles, and if this opening shot is any indication it's going to be every bit of awesome.

Back in the '70s and '80s, Marvel had a rough time coming up with stories to shoehorn into a monolithic universe that at the time primarily existed only inside George Lucas' head. Even though every tale the various Marvel scribes came up with back in the day had the Lucasfilm stamp of approval (yes, even the stupid giant green rabbit) it often seemed like a monumental struggle for the writers and artists to come up with interesting new ways to feature: Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and the droids, without veering off light years from anything that might not step on Lucas approved toes. Part of this was that nobody really knew who these characters were, what their relationships to each other were like, what their histories were, or their motivations. (Does anyone remember Splinter of the Mind's Eye?) Now... well, let's just say... that's no longer really an issue.

Jason Aaron has a richly seeded sandbox to play in, and while one issue isn't really enough to see if he will take full advantage of that fact, it is enough to tell that he's absolutely on the right track. Springing off directly after the events in Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope, our heroes jump right back into hot-water when a raid on a Corellian weapons yard goes horribly awry... and then gets worse. It's a perfect introductory setup, the gang's all here, and Aaron doesn't really have to waste time with a lot of background exposition because these characters are old friends to all of us, and we're already along for the ride.

The artwork is top-notch as John Cassaday turns in a stellar performance that is obviously a labor of love for him. The characters all look fantastic and the sets look like they've been ripped right out of the movies. Laura Martin has always worked well with Cassaday, and her colors here are basic and a bit muted which adds a cinematic effect to the artwork. Cassaday sets up the story without any clever cinematography tricks, instead relying on well-framed master shots and letting Aaron's always exceptional dialogue do the talking.

Aaron, Cassaday, and Martin have crafted a great beginning to what may well turn out to be an epic Star Wars tale. The love these creators have for their source material radiates from every panel border. Hopefully, this series will at least prove to be a successful anchor for many more years worth of Star Wars stories. Welcome back to Marvel, Star Wars. It looks like you're still in good hands.

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