Star Trek

    Movie » Star Trek released on May 08, 2009.

    The Star Trek franchise is "re-booted" by telling an origin story in a alternate reality. Kirk, Spock and McCoy all come together for the first time to fight Romulans from the future.

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    A Reboot of the Star Trek franchise directed by J.J Abrams intended to be canonical within the Star Trek Universe.


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    Beam Me Up J.J. 0

    I've been a Star Trek fan for many years, and although I grew up watching Star Wars (still preferring it), I have since became a Trekkie, loving most of the TV series (Next Generation, and Original series mainly), and films, I'm excited over the upcoming Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness, and felt that it's only fitting that I re-watched, and reviewed this masterpiece.PlotSPOILER FREEJames T. Kirk, and Spock don't get along, but when the time travelling Romulan, Nero, who killed Kirk's father r...

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    Star Trek 0

    First allow me to say that I have never seen a movie where the casting for every part is perfect. Simply perfect.   I'm gonna be truthful here, I've never watched the orignal tv series but being as Star Trek is apart of an everlasting pop culture legacy, I know very small bits and pieces.  Ok well, lets just say I know who Captain Kirk and Spock is....  So I went into this with open eyes, not expecting too much but just hoping for an enjoyable time.  Enjoyable time huh?.....MAN IT WAS AMAZING!!!...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Live Long and Prosper!(A spoiler Free Review) 0

    Okay, so my last review followed a format which I will follow in this one as well. We will begin with the cast, go to the plot/script, talk about the direction, swing into the disappointments/shortcomings, and finish up with the conclusion. So lets warp drive to talking about the cast shall we?The Cast:I loved the cast right off the bat. The characters were fresh, cool, and funny. No one felt unnecessary.The 1st I'd like to talk about is Chris Pine as Captain James Tiberius Kirk. When I was new ...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

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