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This issue ends with more huge cliffhangers and never finishes them as this is the last issue of the series.
In the Story Captain Christopher Pike is shown up by Kaaj on the planet's surface and had his shuttle craft badly damaged with Spock, Phillip Boyce and Virka Number One is injured on the bridge with many others when her head it hit in a fall from a blast.  The whole crew is surrounded by Klingon ships and the first Captain of the Enterprise ever Robert April is in command.  The End.

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You have got to be BLANKING kidding me!! 0

Thanks Marvel I am pissed!  No I am really pissed!  Marvel just pisses me off!  To end a book like this is just crap.  This series is the best Star Trek series I have ever read.  I gave each book a four of five rating.  If this wasn't the last issue this book would be a five as well.    Here we got an epic battle.  Robert April wants his command but makes a mistake so bad it kills two of his own crewman and injures Number One (cracking her skull) who was really suppose to be in command.  In ...

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