Star Trek: Divided We Fall #1

    Star Trek: Divided We Fall » Star Trek: Divided We Fall #1 - Crossfire released by DC Comics on July 2001.

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    Things don't look good for the Trill homeworld as a rebellion has devastated their society. A small group of terrorists are attacking joined trills and there full intention seems to be killing everyone of them. Odan a great ambassador and friend to many of the U.S.S. Enterprise E Crew has been attacked and Lenara Kahn a renowned scientist and an old lover and wife of Dax is kidnapped and possibly murdered.

    Unknown about Khan's situation Ezri Dax jumps into action to save her in a ransom demand. What Ezri also doesn't know is she is a target and the leader behind all this trouble is her old enemy.

    Star Trek Timeframe

    This comic takes place after the last episode of Deep Space Nine (DS9) and the Next Generation film Star Trek: Insurrection but before the Next Generation film Star Trek: Nemesis. This is determined because Benjamin Sisko is no longer on the DS9 station and Data, William Riker, and Deanna Troi are still apart of the Enterprise crew.


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    Post DS9 0

    Enterprise E I loved this book.  I wish there were more like it.  I hated how most Star Trek series end.  The Original Series, Deep Space nine DS9 and Voyager were the worst.  These series left you wondering how the characters were going to end up.  The Original Series never really ended and DS9 and Voyager left with big cliff hangers.    The Original series got it's closure by the movies and guest spots that came later but.  Deep Space Nine turned a chapter in many of the characters lives. ...

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