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A Scary Thought

White Uhura
White Uhura
Alright.  I had a scary thought after I read this comic.  I had been complaining that this mini-series is flawed because the main characters (especially Kira) are not in character because they have to be dumb enough for the plot to work.  That said it dawned on me that there is a nemesis in this book that has had the ability to control other members of the crew.  This got me thinking "Was I in error?"  Well in a word.  Nope!
I went on ahead and read the conclusion to this book and saw that the characters were just playing dumb.  For those of you who may not get what I'm saying let me used an example everyone will understand.  The stupidity of these characters would be the equivalent of Batman being outdone as a detective by Scooby Dum.  It just doesn't make much sense unless you making a comedy and then it is just silly.
I had to give this book only one star.  I was really disappointed.  The whole thing made less sense than the Star Trek Comic run with the White Uhura and Black Sulu.  The only reason to pick up this book is if you are a HUGE Deep Space Nine or Star Trek fan.  I hate giving bad reviews but sometime I have no choice.

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