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 Teleportaion Chamber 
 Teleportaion Chamber 
Each issue get just a little bit better.  This is good.  This episode seemed like a third season episode of the original Star Trek.  Not one of the best but at least in the Star Trek park.  (If you get my meaning)   The crew of the Enterprise help a planet of people regain their planet and form by the help of Spock and many, many crew members.  
There are some things that are still off.  McCoy wears a yellow shirt and characters use language that they never used in the program.  It is as if they are a parody of themselves or at least far less technologically advanced.  For example the Teleportaion Chamber. That has been in ever issue so far is just that.  I thought they were using the wrong name but as it turns out it is a separate room and Spock even locks himself in the chamber in this issue.  It looks like the Transporter Pad in the television show buy it is in the middle of the room and it is completely clear.
 Spock in Chamber
 Spock in Chamber
The book is solid but a bit off in a lot of areas.  I gave it three-and-a-half stars.  It has a lot of good things about it and the series has gotten better with every issue.  I hope this continues.  I would recommend this to Star Trek fans only.  It is not that great for the passing fan.

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