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Shades of Pluto...It's getting better

Kirk and Alien
Kirk and Alien
If you read my review for the first issue of this series you will know how much better this book was than the last one but there is room for a lot of improvement.  The main thing is the terms are all mixed up like the Transporter Room is called the Transporter Chamber and so on.  Everything is just a little off.  Spock who is supose to have no emotion yells Shades of Pluto!   It was all a bit off.
This story however is a lot better than the last one.  It was a Star Trek story of the 1960's. Not a great one but it fit the world a lot better than the last issue.  
For the 1960's I thought this was a pretty solid Star Trek Comic.  I gave it two and a half stars. I rate only on the story but it should be noted that other than Spock is is hard to tell the crew apart from each other because they look alike.

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