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Great Galaxies Spaceman

 Janice Rand's Bee Hive
 Janice Rand's Bee Hive
I love Star Trek.  Love it.  So it pained me to give this only one star.  It seemed as if no one who wrote this had seen a Star Trek Episode.  Sure it was written in the late 60's so there was only the original series to set a a base for the comic but the book seems to miss everything.  
First the most noticeable is Janice Rand's Bee Hive.  Anyone who has seen the first season of Star Trek knows how she looks and she is drawn correctly but the top of her hair is colored red as if she is wearing a hat.  The second is the horrible dialog.  The word Space it put in front of everything unessential like Space Test.  Instead of saying test.  They even referred to themselves as spacemen.  Third McCoy has the worst dialog and sounds very much like 1960's Batman.  He says Holy Hostile Trees and Great Galaxies and even more silly statements.  This all leads to the worst part of the book.
 Planet K-G
 Planet K-G
The Crew comes across a group of hostile aliens and the wipe out their whole planet.  They commit total genocide.  This really flies in the face of everything Gene Roddenberry was trying to do with his creation.
The whole book was drastically flawed I have written a lot of reviews and this is the only time I have had a problem with even the Letterer.  The V's look very much like Y's.  I know it is a small thing but with everything else it was like nails on a chalkboard.  This is a historical piece so if you are a big fan you will buy it but it is not very good. 


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I can't wait to read this
I am sad I don't see Red Shirts, how do I know who is suppose to die?

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