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    Star-Stalker is an alien of great power that has come into conflict with the Avengers.

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    The Star-Stalker is a mutant member from the alien race of Vorms. He would travel the spaceways unaided draining whole planets of their energies then leaving and moving on looking for new ones.


    The Star-Stalker was created by Steve Englehart and Bob Brown in The Avengers Vol.1 issue 123 (1974).

    Major Story Arcs

    Versus the Avengers

    During one of his trips he encountered the Priests of Pama who discovered his weakness. Then sensing that the Priest of Pama were killed on Earth, the Star-Stalker traveled there to absorb the Earth. He was opposed by the Avengers and during their battle was killed when the Vision blasted him with his solar beams .

    Son of Star-Stalker

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    The son of the Star-Stalker possesses the same ability his father did. Using the same name as well, the Star-Stalker has come into conflict with Power Pack and Nova (Frankie Raye) as well as the extra-terrestrial race known as the Elan .


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