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    Sylvester Pemberton started out as the young super hero Star Spangled Kid with his adult sidekick Stripesy. He eventually grew to become the hero Skyman.

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    He was created by Superman creator, Jerry Siegel, and artist Hal Sherman. He first appeared along with his adult sidekick, Stripesy, in Action Comics #40 in September 1941. He was one of many patriotic superheroes of the time.


    Old school colors
    Old school colors

    Sylvester Pemberton started out fighting crime on July 4th 1941. He and Pat Dugan went to see a patriotic movie and found that some Nazi agents were causing a riot and Sylvester and Pat soundly beat the agents. Later the two over heard someone saying they wished the American Flag could come to life and defeat those that defiled it. After this Sylvester and Pat designed to become "Mystery Men" ( the term used to describe super heroes back then). Pat designed his costume with stripes and became Stripesy and Sylvester's had stars so he called himself Star Spangled Kid.

    The two would later join the Seven Soldiers Of Victory and the All-Star Squadron. During a mission with the Seven Soldiers they were lost in time after battling the Nebula Man. They were later rescued by the Justice League Of America and the Justice Society Of America. When they returned they found that years had past and it was the seventies when they only experienced a few weeks.

    When they returned Ted Knight gave Sylvester his Cosmic Rod (later the Cosmic Staff). He then used it to create Cosmic Converter Belt. He also found that his Black Sheep nephew Arthur had stolen Pat's patients and Sylvester gave them back and the two reconciled.

    Becoming Skyman

    He would later retire to claim his inheritance and his father's business, but he would later come out of retirement to create the team Infinity, Inc. made of heroes who had connection's to the Justice Society. He acted along the young heroes for a time as the Star Spangled Kid, but after the crisis he and renamed himself Skyman where he led the team.


    Sylvester's death.
    Sylvester's death.

    He would later be killed during a battle with a mind controlled Solomon Grundy who grabbed the arm of a villain named Mr Bones who had poisonous skin and killed Sylvester.

    Sylvester started out an acrobat and brawler with some gadgets. After he joined the JSA he used the Cosmic Rod, the the Cosmic Converter Belt, which allowed him to fly, gave him a force field and the ability to shoot energy blasts. But his most significant power was probably his deep pockets.


    The legacy of Sylvester survived in two heroes: Pat Dugan's step-daughter Courtney Whitmore would later find his Cosmic Converter Belt and use it to become the new Star Spangled Kid and later Stargirl and be assisted by Pat in a mech suit called S.T.R.I.P.E.

    Jacob Colby, one of the selected persons for the Everyman Project from Lex Luthor used the identity of Skyman in the second Infinity Inc. team. However he was killed by his teammate Everyman.

    Post death appearances

    After his death Sylvester returned in other occasions: when Extant stole the third Hourman's Worlogog, his tampering with the timestream caused than a Star-Spangled kid appeared in the JSA headquarters, ignorant of his own demise. He helped to restore the universe, ready to sacrifice his own existence for the life of the universe.

    Sylvester was supposed to have returned as a member of the Martyr Militia, under the controll of the Clock King. However, this was a ruse used by Miss Martian to infiltrate the Dark Side Club.

    Other Media


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    The Star Spangled Kid has appeared in a episode of the CW show, Smallville. However in this episode he appeared to have more resemblance to Jack Knight's Starman. He was played by actor Jim Shield.


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    A version of the Star Spangled Kid known simply as Starman, appears in the series. He is portrayed by Joel McHale.

    He dies in the opening moments of the show but mysteriously returns from death in seasons 2 and 3. His legacy is eventually carried on by the titular Stargirl, the stepdaughter of Pat Dugan, Starman's sidekick and best friend.

    The first season aired on DC Universe, a proprietary subscription service that offered digital comics and original programming. The original programming was abandoned early on, with Stargirl moving to The CW where it lasted for 2 more seasons. Unfortunately, it was cancelled in 2022 at the end of its 3rd season when Warner Brothers was bought by Discovery and The CW was sold off and rebranded away from tween/teen programming.


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