Star Sapphire

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    Created by the Zamarons, an all-female offshoot of the Guardians, these gems were originally crystals which took possession of their wielders. The gems have since been crafted into violet power rings powered by love.

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    Origin & History

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    The original Star Sapphires were parasitic crystals, that possesses the wielder, shaped into star-like sapphires by the Zamarons. The Zamarons are like the Guardians of the Universe, the difference being that they are the female counterpart to the Guardians.

    These gemstones were used to empower female agents (aka Star Sapphires) who had been loved and spurned, providing them the opportunity for revenge with overwhelming powers. They also wield an energy that allows for flight, invulnerability, the ability to survive in the vacuum of space, blast powers and shares other similarities to a Green Lantern Power Ring, only it is powered by Love (female) rather than Willpower (male).

    After the Sinestro Corps War, the Zamarons began creating violet power rings, referred to as Star Sapphire Rings. Though they function in a similar manner to the Star Sapphire Gems, these power rings are just the natural evolution of the Star Sapphire Corps.

    Unique Powers & Abilities

    It appears that each new Lantern Corps Ring has unique abilities. For Violet (Star Sapphire) Power Rings, these abilities include:

    • Love Cognizance: a unique ability to sense love. They are able to detect when true love is threatened or in jeopardy, and can use the love shared between two hearts to act as a tether. By attuning the heart of the victim to the heart of the Star Sapphire, this tether is created connecting them across vast tracks of space. The tether pulls the Star Sapphire through space to the victim so that she may save love. This attunement allows a Star Sapphire to also tell when others are in need of love and the state of love in their hearts, providing great insight into the personal lives of others.
    • True Love: Violet Power Rings can ignite the glow of a star sapphire crystal any person. This glow reveals a person's deepest desire. They can show someone's true love. Only those who gaze into the light of the crystal can know what they see.
    • Crystallization: A Star Sapphire has the unique power to encase others in love, crystallizing them. Apparently the victims are put in a form of suspended animation while love floods their hearts and alters their personalities (i.e. Fatality). The power is great enough to crystallize a entire planet, as was the case in planet Zamaron.
    • Undying Love: A Star Sapphire can restart a dying heart by connecting two lovers and using herself as a channel between them. Through this, the love felt between them can restore the dying heart to a state of normalcy, even bringing the wounded lover back from the brink of death.

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