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    Character » Star Hawkins appears in 53 issues.

    Star Hawkins was a PI who was a good martial artist. His keen mind and his robotic assistant Ilda were often all he needed to overcome his foes.

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    Star Hawkins was a Private Investigator whose recorded adventures begin in the year 2079. By the year 2079, robots had been perfected and Hawkins had his very own - Ilda (or F2324), as his secretary. Although programmed with independent thought, Ilda was not only a perfect secretary for Hawkins, but also his house cleaner.

    Though a brilliant detective with a keen, analytical mind, Star only occasionally got cases that paid well, and since he wasn't particularly careful with his money, he often found himself short of credits and having to pawn Ilda till he could find a new case and redeem her.

    By the year 2089, Ilda's model was declared obsolete and she was earmarked for the scrap yard. However, Ilda helped Star to save and envoy from another galaxy who had been kidnapped and thus prevented an intergalactic war. As a result her model was allowed to continue for a further 10 years.

    Star Hawkins' reputation began to grow and he captured some of the most notorious s criminals of the late 21st Century. He eventually earned himself assignments with the governments National Service Centre, the chief law enforcement agency on Earth.

    Star Hawkins last case as a private detective was in 2092, when he stopped what seemed to be kidnap attempts on Stella Sterling, great grand daughter of Professor Miller Sterling, the creator of Automan. It turned out to be Automan, who was still functioning after 130 years, that the criminal agents of the League of Five Planets were really after, because his body contained the manganese they needed for a weapon. The head of the gang was Bio-room, Galactic enemy number one, who had a bounty of 250 million credits on his head - all of which went to Star.

    He used it to found, with Stella, the Hawkins-Sterling Academy of Robot Detection, to train robots as investigators. The heroism of Ilda and Automan caused new laws to be passed that made the junking of obsolete robots a thing of the past.

    Robots now had the right to lead independent lives, as well as life-pairing between those programmed as males and those programmed as females. The first such union was between Ilda and Automan.

    Star Hawkins would later move to Hardcore Station with his secretary robot Ilda. When Captain Comet found Hawkins in an apartment, he was the age of man in his 70's. Ilda had fallen apart and was no longer operational. Comet was on the run against Lady Styx and her allies. While Comet was leaving Hawkin's apartment, the allies of Lady Styx had Hawkin's apartment bombed.

    New 52

    Star Hawkins is a member of the resistance on Planet Tolerance. He is building a resistance force that creates blind spots for the hunted Individuals within the game The Hunted. Star Hawkins is working on Caul to join the resistance. Hawkins and Ilda find Caul, and use a digital scan of a woman to cloak Caul, from The Hunted.


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