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See? Ballet!
See? Ballet!

Shanga hails from a race of cosmically powered people with abilities similar to the Silver Surfer. After spending hundreds of years perfecting her dancing abilities she grew bored with her life on Zhalla'Kia. Leaving her home world to travel the stars she continued to work on her space dancing. Star-Dancer traveled to many different worlds and ended up getting hopelessly lost. Unable to find her home planet she eventually made her way to Earth when she sensed her future mate.


Star-Dancer is a Marvel Comics character and was created by Tom De Falco. Her first appearance was September 1981 in Marvel Two-In-One #79.

Character Evolution

Shanga's hailed from a distance galaxy and the exotic planet of Zhalla'Kia with its immortal and powerful denizens. Shanga was unique as she once found herself with an deep hunger and yearning to find perfection in style's of dance. This need to perfect all forms of dance made Shanga leave her home planet of Zhalla'Kia on a mere whim for adventure. She than used her "Stellar Matrix Sense" and headed to uncharted areas of distant galaxies in the vastness of space.

"Lovers from across the cosmos"

After eons in space Shanga never marked her way, never noting her course. At some undisclosed time Shanga grew bored with her search through space. However she realized that during her travels she had become misdirected and she found herself utterly lost. Frustrated with herself, knowing she had all these vast abilities but was unable to find her way home again she roamed the stars for sometime.

While traveling close to the Milky-Way Galaxy Shanga's star spanning matrix-sense discovered an entity from the planet Earth-616 whose journey was somehow tied to her own. Intrigued by this anomaly Shanga decided to travel to Earth. Having sensed a possible tie-in to her own destiny she easily located the entity upon arriving to Earth. Landing in the small town in the United States called Hartsdale Massachusetts she impulsively created a force-field around the entire town with no consideration of the town's people she trapped. She discovered the entity was an elderly man named Elton Marrow, the one-time super hero from World War II who had called himself the Blue Diamond. Old, sick and dying the Dancer infused the Power Cosmic into Marrow, changing his very essence and thereby saving his life. Now able to withstand the ravages of space Blue Diamond joined the Shanga and traveled the universe together to find her long lost home-world of Zhalla'Kia.

Major Story Arcs

It Fell From The Stars

After traveling the universe for an unfathomable amount of time, Star-Dancer arrived at Earth, immediately sensing her mate was an inhabitant. Determining his located to be Hartsdale, Massachusetts she created a force field over the town so she could find him.

Star-Crossed Lovers
Star-Crossed Lovers

This caused the townspeople to panic and blame Alicia Masters as they had seen her around town with her boyfriend Thing. Unfortunately Thing was on the other side of the force-field and couldn't get to her, but Elton Morrow (Blue Diamond) stepped in to prevent the mob from attacking her. Thing managed to get to Alicia but soon engaged in battle with Star-Dancer, unable to defeat her due to her incredible cosmic powers. At his suggestion, Thing hurled Blue Morrow at Star-Dancer, effectively knocking her out, although Blue Diamond was suffering a heart attack from the previous strain of holding back the mob.

When Star-Dancer awoke, she realized Blue Diamond was her mate and gave him a diamond that transformed his older, brittle-boned body into a stronger, diamond-encased one to ensure he could travel the universe safely. The two then set off together, happy to fulfill their mutual destiny forever in each-others company.

The Strangers Collection

During one journey Shanga was captured by The Stranger and kept in sub-space, unable to escape. Makkari of the Eternals discovers Shanga but learned that while he was capable of leaving the subspace Star-Dancer was in, she could not as it was specifically made to prevent her from leaving. When Quasar, the Stranger and their associated defeated Overmind it is assumed Star-Dancer managed to leave The Stranger's laboratory and found her mate, Blue Diamond.

Powers and Abilities

Shanga has a special genetically altered trait which she call's the "Stellar Matrix Sense". This genetic trait allows her the ability to absorb and tap into ambient cosmic energy and absorb it into her body at will and also allowing her to use these energies at different capacities. This also allows her a type of cosmic precognition. Since she has access to the "Power Cosmic" like the Silver Surfer and possibly may have the same abilities as other former Galactus' heralds.

"You can be my lucky star.."

Shanga does have various powerful attributes due to her connection to the Power Cosmic. These special abilities include the ability to survive in the vacuum of space, to travel space unaided, faster than light travel and has access to hyper space speeds, limited invulnerability.

The Star-Dancer could also channel energy through her hands also known as energy beams that can destroy a planet. She can use various energies for offensive purposes as well. She can create large blasts or beams down to the subatomic level or massive concussive blasts from her hands. Shanga can also use her energies to create force fields and shields. She can solidify energy to imprison enemies and also generating a force field around herself she can protect herself from most injuries. She can manipulate the energies around her to make space travel possible for beings around her that cannot survive in space on their own. She can also control gravity to an undisclosed degree. She has also shown the ability to rearrange matter to recreate the Blue Diamonds human form into a living diamond by rearranging his molecules.

Shanga and her race is extremely long lived if not immortal. A dancer her entire, long lived life she is extremely graceful and agile. She can perform various exotic spins and turns and has mastered an undocumented amount of alien dances.

Personal Status

Real Name: Shanga'Fla-Delph'goram

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: the planet Zhalla'Kia, Unnamed galaxy

Marital Status: Mate of the Blue Diamond

Citizenship: Citizen of Zhalla'Kia

Known Relatives: Blue Diamond (Mate)

Occupation: Space-Wanderer, Dancer

Group Affiliations: Zhanlla'Kian Race

Base of Operations: Currently Unknown, Formerly Earth-616, Formerly Zhanlla'Kia


Height: 6'2"

Weight: 740lbs

Eyes: White

Hair: None

No Caption Provided

Strange Attributes: Star-Dancer wears a skin tight full body suit which only allowed the lower part of face from nose to chin to be open. Metallic silver in appearance it's material substance is unknown or why she wears it. It could be assumed that it serves as a sort of coating such as the Silver Surfer himself has. The Surfer's skin is designed to absorb various energies from beta particles to light. He is constantly being charged from hundreds of nearby stars and energies from distant galaxies. He can change this absorption into reflection if he chooses. The Surfer has also absorbed so much energy from a sun before, that he turned into a living bomb. It is with this similarity it could be speculated that Shanga's second skin could actually be a similar coating produced by the Power-Cosmic.


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