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1. From Start to Finish

2. I helped put up that building

3. Kernal Hippo plays "Santa" at the New Year Gift Party

4. Where Cotton Originated

5. Salute To a Doctor

6. The Base Stealer's Nemesis

7. Help!! I can't swim!

8. So This Is Hollywood!

9. Limber up your saw-bone, mate

10. Poor thing must be starved!

11. Professor, what can I fill a barrel full of and make lighter?

12. Don't pass a light in Gooby town

13. King Arthur's knights were at the court

14. Saved in the Neck of Time

15. When they crowned me I wasn't told that I'd have to wear this thing too!

16. Hours for kicking the prince are from 10 A.M. to 2 P. M

17. Don't look like there's any work to be done around here!

18. Jack Rabbit

19. The Pardon

20. Caesar had been a member of Rome's ruling triumvirate.

21. Colt Canyon

22. Dan Hastings

23. Y'know, Jim, things has been purty quiet along the border lately.

24. The Circus Elephant

25. Away way off in turvy land a little boy lay sick

26. Herman Rosenthal, gambler of New York City

27. Good evening radio frinds... and what is your pleasure?

28. The girl who uses Argo Starch

29. Come right in, Reverend, we are glad to see you

30. The door's jammed? I'll be right up to fix it

31. Order! Be seated-- next case.

32. Hot dogs!! That wuzza swell scrap!

33. As an experiment during the world war

34. So, our presence is requested!

35. 50 Men Outside

36. I'm th' new reporter for the local chirp.

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