Star City Slayer

    Character » Star City Slayer appears in 11 issues.

    The Star City Slayer was a name coined by the press in relation to the actions of the elderly Stanley Dover.

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    At first Stanley attended Black Masses and participated in orgies with his wife, Marge and neighbours, the Hendersons. For his wife it was just a leisure but he dug more in their practices and wanted to unlock the secret to eternal life. Marge didn't want to go on with their activities because their neighbour ended up talking about insurance during sex and most importantly she was pregnant. She was shocked to hear that her husband wanted to sacrifice their baby to the devil and gain immortality so she ran away overnight.

    Stanley as an amateur oculist, joined the British group that originally captured Morpheus in a special glass container. He came to know this because he was bored during a hippy party held by Alex Burges in !968 and went downstairs searching for the Magdalene Grimoire which he eventually stole. The book was mentioned to him by Jason Blood. The book made him rich and he settled in Star City. Stan discovered a monster that wasn't wanted by Lucifer for its kindness so he tried to capture and control it for years.

    His daughter Sheila found him in 1985 along with her boyfriend Mitch and informed him that Marge died years before. Stanley was annoyed by this but let them live with him to be nice while he still practised rites in the basement. Eventually his daughter got married and had a son named Stanley too, whom he had to babysit while trying to bind himself to the monster in the cellar. All the efforts failed. In time Sheila asked him to talk to Stanley about his imaginary big red dog called Spot. Stan showed his grandpa Spot who was actually the beast bonded to young Stan. The monster recognized the evil in him and disappeared.

    Dover hunted young boys and girls, savagely murdering them and using their blood as a means of baiting The Beast With No Name, Stanley was dressed as the monster in a big glass container and was fed on the children's blood for 3 months. The parents were very worried.

    Dover took in a recently resurrected and amnesiac Green Arrow, realizing he was a hollow (body without a soul) and hoping to leave his ageing body and take over Oliver's.They met when Ollie saved him from a mugging. He befriends Oliver, letting Oliver live with him and started supplying all the gadgets for Ollie's missions. Not to confuse Oliver, Stan removed all modern technology to avoid any resemblance to super villain technology.

    He attempts to sacrifice Mia Dearden, to allow him to enter Oliver's body, but is stopped by Connor Hawke (even though he released demons to defeat him) and ultimately eaten by the creature he desired to control. Following his defeat, Green Arrow moves into Dover's house, a brownstone mansion in Star City, as Dover had moved all of his assets into Oliver's name in preparation for taking his body.


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