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The original members of the Star Chamber were once part of the Shadow Cabinet, a clandestine order of superhumans who seeks "to protect humanity from itself, regardless of humanity's desires," until they broke away to form their own rival organization.


Shadow Cabinet
Shadow Cabinet
Several members of the Shadow Cabinet rebelled against Dharma's leadership and seceded, forming their own splinter and independent organization called the Star Chamber.  They quickly sought to expand their ranks, by aggressively recruiting a number of other superhumans to assist them against the coming conflict between themselves and the Shadow Cabinet.  
The Star Chamber focused on a number of superhumans who were already under observation by the Shadow Cabinet for possible recruitment and approached a number of them proclaiming that Dharma had corrupted and perverted the true nature of the Shadow Cabinet from a benevolent force to a much more sinister one.  To counter the Star Chamber, the Shadow Cabinet was forced to reveal themselves and operate openly for the first time.  
Although the Star Chamber was successful in gaining the support of Holocaust, Harm, Rocket and even Xombi to their cause; other superhumans including Icon, Hardware, Static, and even the Blood Syndicate turned them down.
Star Chamber vs. Shadow Cabinet
Star Chamber vs. Shadow Cabinet
Ultimately, it was revealed that the Star Chamber was not the benevolent organization that they pretended to be and had been masterminding an attempt to detonate a much larger bomb of "Quantum Juice" or "Q-Juice" that had instigated the Big Bang at Paris Island.   Their new recruits upon realizing that they had been deceived, turned on them and helped bring the Shadow War to a close and defeating the Star Chamber.

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