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Star is a female in her teenage years, around fifteen. She has fair skin, sky blue eyes and knee length blonde hair. She has markings on her cheeks that change based on various factors. Normally they are pearl pink hearts, but they have changed into things like hourglasses to indicate boredom, or skulls to showcase anger. It is alluded that this is a genetic trait or some form of magical vanity as various female character from Mewni also have these markings.

Star's manner of dress is very colorful, often consisting of every color of the rainbow. It also changes from time to time, but it does have consistent themes. Her main article of clothing tends to be blue or green,she is always wearing her red devil headband.

Powers, Abilities and Equipment

Royal Magic Wand: Star's defining item, a magic wand that is a family heirloom. The true extent of it's power is not yet known. It does allow Star to summon/transform various things such as: monsters, animals, weather and even black holes. The wand itself can transfigure as well, turning into things like maces and umbrellas.

Innate Magic: Star has a natural affinity for magic that she can use augment the strength of her wands magic. It is stated that she is currently the strongest innate magical user since her mother.

Hand to Hand training and Physical prowess: Star is able to handle herself without the use of her wand, be armed or unarmed. She was trained in sword combat by the Mewni royal guard. Star is super-humanly strong, able to break necks at a young age. Also, she is incredibly agile and dexterous.

Mewberty form: The Mewni equivalent to Puberty. Triggered by attraction, Star morphs into a purple, multi-armed creature with wings. This form seems to get stronger as time goes on, allowing Star dimensional travel in later episodes.


Star is highly energetic in nature, she maintains a positive outlook on life. Star is very friendly to the point of regarding complete strangers as friends she hasn't met yet. However early on, she exhibited prejudice towards monsters and non-humans, seeing them as born bad. As time progressed, this viewpoint was abandoned.

Driven be the desire to help others, Star can be bit of a workaholic, often losing sleep until she completes her goals. Given her cloistered childhood, her actions can border on reckless in attempt to be herself. This can often get her and others in trouble.

She has rather simplistic stances on leadership and responsibility, often holding fun in higher regard and has limited understanding of Earth and it's culture. While loyal and sweet to her friends, she is rather brutal to her enemies and holds grudges.


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