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    The child of Menace.

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    Stanley Osborn was born in the midst of a battle between Tombstone, Shocker and Spider-man. He was delivered to the world by Dr.Octopus, who wanted to use Stanleys bodies natural chemicals to save his own life (he was dying at the moment). Stanley had gotten them from his parents, Harry Osborn and Lily Hollister.

    Spidey grabbed him from Octopus, and was then chased by his most versatile rogues, almost all of who he had to battle against.

    At one point of the story, Chameleon (posing as Harry Osborn) told Spider-man, that Stanley died because he didn`t get to hospital in time. Chameleon tried to get him to Octopus, but Lizard kidnapped him, because he thought that he could use him as a tool of negotiation against Octopus.

    Spider-man found out that Stanley isn`t dead, and searched for Lizard. So did Doc Ock. Liz and Ock started to fight, and Stanley was in the middle. Spidey saved him, and got him to a hospital.

    Afterwards, it was found out that Stanleys father is actually Harry. And since Harry doesn`t have chemicals pumped inside himself, Stanley is useless to Octopus.


    Stanley Osborn was created by Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta.


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